Region: United Kingdom

Facebook sued for $150 billion over role in Rohingya genocide

Meta faces US and UK class action litigation alleging its Facebook platform’s failure to adequately police content contributed to the ongoing violence in Myanmar.

07 December 2021

Denham to join Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie, which works for a range of data-rich tech companies, has hired former UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham.

02 December 2021

Cabinet Office fined for honours data breach

A department at the heart of the UK’s government has been fined £500,000 (€587,400) for disclosing the postal addresses of honours recipients.

02 December 2021

PECR following Lloyd v Google

In the wake of Lloyd v Google, Keller Lenkner UK’s head of data breach Kingsley Hayes says PECR could become a powerful tool for claimants.

01 December 2021

Clearview AI faces £17 million UK fine

The Information Commissioner’s Office has handed Clearview AI a £17 million (€20 million) provisional fine for falling short of a number of data protection obligations.

30 November 2021

ICO concerned about Google Privacy Sandbox

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has flagged concerns over Google’s Privacy Sandbox amid a separate antitrust investigation.

25 November 2021

“Utterly uneconomic” breach case dismissed from High Court

A High Court judge has transferred a £3,000 data breach case that was set to rack up costs of nearly £50,000 to a small claims court in a strongly-worded judgment.

25 November 2021

Lloyd v Google – are representative actions dead?

Taylor Wessing senior counsel Michael Yates examines the fallout of Lloyd v Google.

24 November 2021

Pure Legal rivals take over data breach cases

At least two prominent claimant-side litigation firms are set to pick up more than 700 Pure Legal GDPR cases after the firm went bust earlier this month.

23 November 2021

DSG: ICO personal data mistake “fatal” to fining decision

A barrister for DSG Retail has argued that fundamental mistakes in an Information Commissioner’s Office monetary penalty notice warrants a full dismissal of the decision, rather than any “major surgery”.

22 November 2021

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