Region: United Kingdom

Ad tech facing EU privacy complaints

Privacy campaigners have filed complaints with the UK and Irish data protection authorities against widespread advertising technology industry practices and the guidelines and frameworks that govern them.

17 September 2018

UK-EU data flow at threat from no deal Brexit, says UK government

The UK government has urged businesses to prepare standard contractual clauses for data transfers with the EU in case the UK leaves the bloc without a formal agreement in place.

14 September 2018

ECHR rules against historic UK bulk interception regime

European Court of Human Rights judges have ruled that two key parts of the UK's pre-2016 communications and metadata surveillance programme infringed privacy rights.

13 September 2018

UK data protection chief calls for new body to regulate the internet

Elizabeth Denham has said a new body, rather than the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, is needed to oversee regulation of the internet and co-ordinate action by different regulators.

12 September 2018

Identifying "genuine" main establishment key, says Irish enforcer legal chief

The Irish Data Protection Commission’s head of legal has said that companies must be able to demonstrate that their main establishment in the EU plays a genuine decision-making role to benefit from the GDPR’s one-stop-shop concept.

12 September 2018

British Airways faces class action

British Airways is facing possible group litigation that could cost it hundreds of millions of pounds, after suffering a data breach last week that affected its customers’ financial details.

10 September 2018

UK enforcer loses third-party consent appeal

24 August 2018

Lawyers praise ICO technology policy appointment

14 August 2018

UK pregnancy site fined for selling data to political party

10 August 2018

Tax and money-laundering information schemes face GDPR complaint

02 August 2018

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