Region: United Kingdom

UK regulators look to practical AI issues

AI is highlighting many of the points of contact between different sectoral regulators, as authorities grapple with how upcoming legislative changes will apply to the technology.

02 November 2023

AI summit sees promises of collaboration

The US and UK have released plans for separate AI safety bodies, with various countries at the AI Safety Summit committing to international cooperation amid the development of their own legislative initiatives.

01 November 2023

Stability AI seeks to edit down Getty UK case

The operator of the Stable Diffusion image generator has said the UK is the wrong forum for a lawsuit alleging it scraped and used millions of Getty’s images without permission.

31 October 2023

The summit is in sight: AI newsletter 30 October 2023

All eyes are on Bletchley Park for the UK’s much-vaunted AI Safety Summit this week, even if the attendee list is turning out to be slightly more B-list than Prime Minister Rishi Sunak might have hoped. The prospect of a comprehensive international policy agreement hasn’t stemmed the ongoing flood of guidelines and codes of conduct – this time from the G7 and the UK itself on the government side and the Frontier Model Forum from industry.

30 October 2023

Russian double agent’s case against UK NCA can proceed

A High Court judge has refused to dismiss allegations that a UK law enforcer illegally shared the new British identity and address of a former KGB double agent with Latvian prosecutors.

27 October 2023

ICO intervenes in Meta litigation

The UK data regulator will play a role in an activist’s lawsuit over Meta’s allegedly illegal refusal to stop using her data for direct marketing purposes.

19 October 2023

Clearview judgment clarifies scope of behavioural monitoring

A judgment overturning the ICO’s Clearview AI enforcement has backed the regulator’s claims that the company’s processing related to behavioural monitoring and could be caught by the GDPR’s extraterritoriality provision.

18 October 2023

UK Clearview decision overturned

A tribunal has found that the UK data regulator had no jurisdiction over Clearview AI.

17 October 2023

The first alignment: AI newsletter 16 October 2013

While concerns over the level of investment into new AI companies continue to bubble up, the biggest companies are happier than ever to turn their budgets to implementing the technology internally – fewer LLMs, but probably a lot more chatbots instead of helplines. The G7’s slow march towards consensus continues, with the EU deigning to give companies a couple of weeks in which to offer their thoughts on what new guidance should look like.

16 October 2023

Trump UK lawsuit meets resistance

Orbis Business Intelligence, which produced the Christopher Steele dossier ahead of Donald Trump’s presidential election, is seeking to have the former president’s data protection lawsuit against the company dismissed.

16 October 2023

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