Region: United Kingdom

Clearview faces multiple GDPR complaints

A group of NGOs has filed coordinated complaints about Clearview AI’s data scraping to regulators in numerous European countries – but enforcement of any regulatory decisions could be tough.

27 May 2021

ECHR again rules against historic UK bulk surveillance

Adding to the safeguards necessary for the use of bulk interception framework, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights has confirmed that the UK’s pre-2016 surveillance regime violated privacy and freedom of expression rights.

25 May 2021

Data and competition convergence ramps up in UK

The UK’s data protection and competition watchdogs have formalised cooperation plans, in a move that could increase regulatory scrutiny for data-driven companies.

20 May 2021

Lloyd v Google: the interveners

While privacy activists and large data holders mostly adopted predictable positions in the landmark Lloyd v Google appeal, one set of interveners made novel arguments that the claimant’s position on the control of relevant data was vague “to the point of being meaningless”.

18 May 2021

Low FCA breach notification figures higher in reality, Kroll says

The UK’s financial regulator received significantly fewer data breach notifications in 2020 than in 2019, but cybersecurity company Kroll has warned the figures don’t reflect increased risks.

12 May 2021

Tycoon files GDPR-related action in US federal court

An ENRC-linked international businessman has said in US court filings that he plans to sue the owner of a risk database for allegedly reporting inaccurate information that connects him to a corruption probe in France.

11 May 2021

No new digital regulator needed, UK watchdogs say

Three regulators with powers over digital matters – including the UK’s data protection watchdog – have resisted calls to set up a new specialist enforcer that would oversee digital matters.

05 May 2021

UK Supreme Court scrutinises Google class action claimant arguments

Top judges have appeared sceptical that claimants can recover damages if Google breached data protection laws by causing them to lose control of their data.

29 April 2021

ICO: Lloyd v Google will affect investigations

The Information Commissioner’s Office has said the Lloyd v Google outcome could harm the regulator’s enforcement powers – with its counsel confirming that the ICO chose not to enforce against Google over the Safari Workaround.

29 April 2021

Google: no Safari Workaround damages or class action possible

Google has taken its fight against a groundbreaking UK class action to the UK’s highest court, slamming a lower court’s decision to allow the case to go ahead as an opt-out class action and its conclusion that individuals could recover damages over a mere loss of control of their personal data.

28 April 2021

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