Region: United Kingdom

CAT president rules out combined judgments in UK sports data litigation

A UK judge has said he will hand down separate judgments in two overlapping cases before the Competition Appeal Tribunal and an English court that involve competition claims and counterclaims between sports data and betting companies.

29 July 2022

Cyberinsurance premiums and burden likely to keep increasing

Premiums and policyholder responsibilities are growing as insurance carriers wrestle with the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape and maintain their profit margins.

27 July 2022

ICO unveils more flexible UK BCR requirements

The UK’s data regulator has set out a simplified binding corporate rules approval process and a principles-based approach to intra-group data flows – but it is unclear whether the new process will actually speed up approval times.

26 July 2022

The UK’s new data bill dissected

The UK’s new Data Protection and Digital Information Bill will change various aspects of the country’s data protection landscape. Some of the bill’s amendments to UK data protection law are expected, but others are more of a surprise. GDR runs through the most crucial new developments.

25 July 2022

ICO DSG data breach fine halved

A tribunal has cut the ICO’s £500,000 fine against DSG Retail in half, criticising the regulator’s “unusual” decision to significantly narrow its case and rejecting the bulk of the UK watchdog’s findings on the extent of technical vulnerabilities that contributed to a major hack.

20 July 2022

DPOs could still be factor in investigations, ICO chief says

Despite draft legislation removing the requirement for UK businesses to have a dedicated data protection officer, the country’s data watchdog chief has said that having someone in the role will still be taken into account when investigating.

19 July 2022

UK publishes new data protection law

The UK has published a new law overhauling the country’s approach to data protection and privacy, the first clear legislative step away from the GDPR since Brexit.

18 July 2022

UK suggests AI approach be applied by regulators

The UK government has proposed that regulators, including the Information Commissioner’s Office, be tasked with overseeing artificial intelligence – a decentralised approach diverging from the European Union.

18 July 2022

Equifax GLO decision deferred

An English procedural judge has refused to certify an opt-in class action against Equifax, but suggested that a presiding judge should lay out a roadmap for the case to continue.

15 July 2022

Edwards: “Not everyone is going to agree with the decisions that we make”

The UK data protection commissioner has announced the ICO’s action plan for the next three years, highlighting that future UK data laws will give his office more discretion over the focus of their investigations.

14 July 2022

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