Region: United Kingdom

ICO enforces against financial adviser

The UK’s data watchdog has ordered an independent financial adviser to respond to subject access requests filed before it became insolvent.

15 March 2022

NCA facing legal action over unlawful disclosure claims

A former KGB double agent has said the National Crime Agency breached data protection laws by providing Latvian authorities with his British identity and address, causing him psychiatric distress and potentially threatening his life.

14 March 2022

EU and UK launch twin Meta and Google probes

The UK and EU competition watchdogs have formalised parallel investigations into an online advertising agreement between Meta and Google that came to light in an ongoing US antitrust probe.

14 March 2022

ICO hands out data breach fine

The UK data watchdog has fined a law firm after a ransomware attack led to the encryption of hundreds of thousands of archived files.

10 March 2022

UK GDPR TikTok class action to go ahead

A judge has allowed service of a representative action against non-UK TikTok defendants, with a hearing about a potential early dismissal of the full case to be heard in June.

08 March 2022

The UK TikTok claim unpacked

Recently-released court documents have revealed further detail about the UK GDPR class action against TikTok, which has become the leading example of UK opt-out data protection litigation.

02 March 2022

UK TikTok class action under pressure

A GDPR class action against TikTok could be another major case to fall victim to the Supreme Court’s Lloyd v Google ruling after a High Court judge cast doubt on the claimant’s arguments.

01 March 2022

Android privacy changes draw scrutiny from CMA

The UK’s antitrust watchdog has said it will monitor Google’s initiative to extend privacy changes on its Chrome browser to its Android ecosystem to ensure it complies with commitments the tech company offered to end an abuse of dominance probe.

21 February 2022

UK tribunal deals with overlapping issues in parallel sports data litigation

Mr Justice Marcus Smith will ‘read across’ conclusions on market definition in a Competition Appeal Tribunal claim to related High Court litigation, as part of a battle between companies that provide sports data to the betting industry.

17 February 2022

Google/DeepMind class action ends

A UK opt-out class action targeting Google unit DeepMind’s use of UK National Health Service personal data has been pulled, GDR can reveal.

16 February 2022

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