Region: United Kingdom

High Court shuts down Prismall v Google/DeepMind

The High Court has killed the last surviving post-Lloyd v Google opt-out class action at an early stage and refused to give the claimants a chance to re-frame their case.

19 May 2023

Commission data chief said to waver on UK adequacy

A senior BT lawyer has revealed that the European Commission’s head of international data flows has concerns over whether the UK’s new data protection bill is compatible with the adequacy agreement between the two jurisdictions.

17 May 2023

Osborne Clarke hires in London

Jonathan McDonald has joined Osborne Clarke’s London commercial practice.

17 May 2023

High Court issues GDPR damages

A High Court judge has ordered a police force to pay compensation after illegally disclosing a claimant’s personal data.

16 May 2023

High Court judge concerned about novel Equifax trial

An English judge has said it was “extremely difficult” to adjudicate on proposals for moving Equifax data breach litigation forward by holding an unusual type of trial.

11 May 2023

Lawmakers grill ICO head on new UK data bill

With the UK’s new data law now in motion, questions are turning to the legislation’s finer details.

10 May 2023

DSG: tribunal took "shortcut" on appeal against ICO fine

The First-tier Tribunal ignored a key issue when it overturned the bulk of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office decision to fine DSG Retail over a data breach, the company has argued.

27 April 2023

UK Digital Markets Unit comes out of the shadows

The UK government has introduced long-awaited legislation to impose data-sharing requirements on the biggest tech companies, with the aim of increasing competition and aiding smaller challengers.

25 April 2023

Data Changemakers: Carly Kind

Ada Lovelace Institute director Carly Kind says UK data reforms have wrongly diagnosed the problems with the GDPR and there is room for a UK answer to the EU’s AI Act.

21 April 2023

ICO legal chief questions Privacy Sandbox

The UK data watchdog’s general counsel has raised doubts over whether Google’s Privacy Sandbox will actually benefit users’ privacy.

19 April 2023

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