Region: United Kingdom

Covid-19 tracing app will stray from ICO privacy recommendations

The head of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office has backed the use of a centralised database for a covid-19 tracing app – contrary to prior recommendations by her office.

05 May 2020

Internet titans butt heads with enforcer on online advertising

Google and Facebook have pushed back against the UK competition enforcer’s interim report on data in digital advertising – though many other commenters say the companies’ power should be curbed.

14 April 2020

Covid-19: UK health service forced to disclose patient data

The UK’s health ministry has ordered healthcare organisations to process and share confidential patient information – but the order leaves some room for interpretation.

09 April 2020

Equifax class action pulled

A claimant suing Equifax on behalf of a class of allegedly affected data subjects has withdrawn from bringing the lawsuit as a representative action.

03 April 2020

Coronavirus and the GDPR – keep calm and carry on?

Amy Lambert at Fieldfisher in London explains the data dos and don'ts for companies as they deal with the coronavirus crisis.

02 April 2020

Morrisons not liable for rogue employee data breach

In a landmark ruling, the UK’s highest court has cleared UK supermarket Morrisons of vicarious liability for the actions of a rogue employee – but claimants in other cases may still be able to hold data controllers indirectly liable.

01 April 2020

ICO’s British Airways and Marriott delays signal fine reductions

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has again delayed deciding whether to impose large fines on British Airways and Marriott – with both companies indicating the proposed penalties may be reduced.

31 March 2020

UK Supreme Court rules against alleged Isis killers’ data transfer

The UK’s highest court has unanimously held that the government’s transfer of evidence relating to the alleged murderers of 27 men in Syria was illegal.

31 March 2020

Google ordered to disclose search algorithm

An English court has ordered search giant Google to reveal details about its “crown jewel” search algorithms to an opposing expert witness in antitrust litigation.

23 March 2020

UK to force food supply data sharing

Proposed emergency coronavirus powers would allow UK authorities to force food supply chain participants to disclose data that would allow them to track disruption.

19 March 2020

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