Region: United Kingdom

ICO: Lloyd v Google will affect investigations

The Information Commissioner’s Office has said the Lloyd v Google outcome could harm the regulator’s enforcement powers – with its counsel confirming that the ICO chose not to enforce against Google over the Safari Workaround.

29 April 2021

Google: no Safari Workaround damages or class action possible

Google has taken its fight against a groundbreaking UK class action to the UK’s highest court, slamming a lower court’s decision to allow the case to go ahead as an opt-out class action and its conclusion that individuals could recover damages over a mere loss of control of their personal data.

28 April 2021

Denham: “I don’t like to be in the business of issuing fines”

Following signals from the UK government that it plans to direct its regulator to shift focus away from enforcement, outgoing UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has said she prefers the authority to work with companies than fine them.

20 April 2021

US and UK blame SolarWinds hack on Russian government

US President Joe Biden has expelled 10 Russian diplomats and imposed a new round of sanctions on the country after the FBI and two other agencies determined that Russia’s government helped facilitate the SolarWinds hack.

16 April 2021

EDPB cautiously blesses UK adequacy

EU data protection authorities have given the go-ahead to the European Commission’s decision to approve data flows to the UK – but urged the commission to keep a close watch on the UK.

15 April 2021

UK launches Digital Markets Unit

The UK has launched a new regulator to tackle the market power of large technology companies, but lawyers have warned it is a “cockpit without an engine” in the absence of legislation.

09 April 2021

Ticketmaster GDPR appeal on hold

Ticketmaster’s appeal against a UK GDPR fine has been stayed until a final judgment is issued in parallel data subject litigation.

08 April 2021

UK considers regulation changes to ease data sharing

A UK government-commissioned research paper has suggested changing laws to smooth data sharing, amid concerns from privacy activists about possible dilution of UK data protection rules.

01 April 2021

UK data protection litigation analysis: the data and the gaps

GDR publishes the dataset that underpins its analysis of recent UK data protection litigation – and highlights how an opaque court system makes it tough to improve the data.

24 March 2021

Hayes Connor settles plagiarism claim

One of the UK’s busiest claimant-side data breach litigation law firms has agreed to pay damages to law firm JMW over its use of a copied letter before action to start hundreds of cases – but blamed its barrister for the breach.

23 March 2021

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