Region: United Kingdom

ICO issues SAR sanction

The Information Commissioner’s Office has sanctioned the UK justice ministry for its failure to process thousands of subject access requests for several years.

18 January 2022

Hospital operator denies Bounty data breach liability

Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has told an English judge that it is not responsible for parent support club Bounty’s allegedly unlawful collection and distribution of patients’ personal data.

12 January 2022

High Court hears Bounty data breach lawsuit

A trial has begun in a claim following up on a regulatory finding that pregnancy and parenting club Bounty UK illegally sold personal data to marketers without obtaining parental consent.

11 January 2022

Oracle and Salesforce dodge €10 billion Dutch claim

A Dutch court has ruled that an NGO’s mass claim was inadmissible because it relied on ‘likes’ as its mandate to represent class members – the latest blow to GDPR representative action litigants.

06 January 2022

Extraterritorial GDPR litigation revived

The Court of Appeal of England and Wales has overturned a previous decision on the extraterritorial reach of the GDPR, paving the way for further legal action against California-based Forensic News.

05 January 2022

New report underlines difference between UK and EU approach to AI

A UK government AI report continues the country’s divergence from the EU’s approach to oversight of the developing sector.

09 December 2021

Article 27 liability to be examined by appeal court

The Court of Appeal of England and Wales is set to review the liability of GDPR Article 27 representatives, after a High Court judge granted permission to appeal against her finding that such representatives cannot be held responsible for the actions of the controllers they act for.

09 December 2021

Facebook sued for $150 billion over role in Rohingya genocide

Meta faces US and UK class action litigation alleging its Facebook platform’s failure to adequately police content contributed to the ongoing violence in Myanmar.

07 December 2021

Denham to join Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie, which works for a range of data-rich tech companies, has hired former UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham.

02 December 2021

Cabinet Office fined for honours data breach

A department at the heart of the UK’s government has been fined £500,000 (€587,400) for disclosing the postal addresses of honours recipients.

02 December 2021

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