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Clearview BIPA settlement talks: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 8 December 2023

Clearview’s BIPA class action might be settling soon; the National Basketball Association argues a VPPA class action appeal must be thrown out; and the Federal Communications Commission launches a data privacy and cybersecurity enforcement partnership with four state attorneys general offices.

08 December 2023

FTC argues Meta must face privacy order modifications

The FTC has urged the DC appellate court to reject Meta’s latest attempt to block an update of its $5 billion privacy order.

07 December 2023

Bigger CCPA fines and more disclosure sharing could be on the horizon

Less than a year after finalising most of its regulations, the California Privacy Protection Agency is proposing amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act that would establish definitions for sensitive personal information, set higher fines and more.

06 December 2023

OpenAI and Microsoft fight back against data scraping claims

OpenAI and its investor Microsoft have argued that a data scraping class action filed against them failed to identify misuse of specific personal information.

05 December 2023

AI Act? What AI Act?: AI newsletter 4 December 2023

In a development no one could have predicted, negotiations over a major piece of EU legislation have slowed to a crawl over irreconcilable differences between Brussels legislators and member states, as well as an attempt by bigger countries to favour their own national champions ahead of the bloc’s broader economic interests. Meanwhile there has been a flurry of new funding and Amazon has made a slightly belated entrance into the generative AI game.

04 December 2023

California’s draft regulations take a broad view of AI

The California Consumer Privacy Act’s draft automated decision-making technology regulations threaten to saddle companies with disclosure requirements even when humans are overseeing the software.

04 December 2023

Judge halts Montana’s TikTok ban

A federal judge has found that Montana’s TikTok ban infringes free speech rights.

01 December 2023

Anthropic’s venue request: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 1 December 2023

AI company Anthropic argues it should face a generative AI lawsuit in a different location; plaintiffs want a second shot at their claims Twitter deceptively obtained their phone number for targeted advertising; and a Cooley partner takes her defence of Midjourney AI litigation to her new firm.

01 December 2023

Marriott breach class action revived

Marriott’s data breach class action was resurrected after a federal judge held the district court could override the hotel’s guest agreements prohibiting class actions.

30 November 2023

Meta again attempts to block FTC enforcement

Meta has opened a second front in its bid to stop the Federal Trade Commission from altering its $5 billion Cambridge Analytica settlement with the company by arguing that the agency’s structure violates the US Constitution.

30 November 2023

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