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US Treasury inspector raises Fourth Amendment concerns over bulk data purchases

An inspector general for the US Department of the Treasury has raised concerns that the government's warrantless purchases of geolocation data could violate Fourth Amendment privacy protections.

25 February 2021

Amazon blasted for skipping SolarWinds hearing

Several US senators have chastised Amazon Web Services for declining to testify at a congressional hearing on the SolarWinds hack, saying the lack of participation illustrates the need for stronger data breach notification rules.

24 February 2021

NY regulator: Facebook didn’t fully cooperate with data investigation

The New York Department of Financial Services has finished probing how Facebook handles sensitive data from third-party apps, finding that the company has made strides to protect privacy in recent years – but also noting that the social media platform didn’t fully cooperate with its investigation.

23 February 2021

FTC consent decree shields Facebook from antitrust claims

A US federal court has dismissed claims that Facebook illegally excluded analytics company BrandTotal from its social media platform, ruling that the restrictions were in accordance with Federal Trade Commission requirements to combat automated data scrapers.

22 February 2021

US deluged with CCPA-inspired state privacy bills

Virginia is poised to be the next state with a comprehensive privacy law that echoes California’s CCPA. Many others could soon follow.

19 February 2021

Facebook and BrandTotal set to square off in data scraping lawsuit

Facebook has asked a San Francisco federal court to dismiss antitrust claims by analytics company BrandTotal, as the two parties prepare for a motion hearing over whether to dismiss a data scraping lawsuit that bears resemblance to the long-running hiQ v LinkedIn litigation.

18 February 2021

Clubhouse data protection practices face scrutiny

Popular audio social media app Clubhouse has said it is changing its data protection policies following an investigation by academics – but it still faces a probe by German data regulators.

15 February 2021

Vendor involved in SolarWinds declined to share info, former CISA head says

Former US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency director Chris Krebs has told Congress that a contractor involved in the SolarWinds hack declined to disclose information about the breach – illustrating how public contractual confidentiality requirements can block investigations into large-scale breaches.

11 February 2021

FTC acting chief hints at hardline enforcement approach

Acting US Federal Trade Commission chair Rebecca Kelly Slaughter has suggested the agency should use its full arsenal to tackle companies that have grown powerful off the back of troves of consumer data.

11 February 2021

North Dakota privacy law proposal skewered in committee

After receiving overwhelmingly negative feedback from industry groups and other organisations, a North Dakota state legislative committee has voted against a privacy bill that would impose broad opt-in requirements for companies seeking to collect user data.

10 February 2021

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