Region: United States of America

Home Depot reaches multimillion-dollar deal with US state watchdogs

Major US retailer Home Depot must pay $17.5 million as part of a settlement with state attorneys-general relating to a 2014 data breach.

25 November 2020

US Congress passes IOT security legislation

A US bill that sets cybersecurity standards for IOT devices used by the federal government could also affect private sector security programmes.

19 November 2020

NSO Group appeals for immunity from WhatsApp spying lawsuit

Israeli surveillance company NSO Group has appealed against a lower court’s decision that denied it sovereign immunity from WhatsApp’s claims that it spied on the platform’s users.

18 November 2020

Analytics vendor: broad application of wiretap law would criminalise adtech

A US retailer and its digital marketing vendor are seeking to end a class action lawsuit that accuses them of intercepting consumers’ communications without their consent.

17 November 2020

Georgia’s US senate race could determine future of federal privacy legislation

The 5 January elections for Georgia’s two US senate seats will go a long way in shaping federal privacy legislation.

16 November 2020

Trump delays TikTok ban as legal battles continue

The US Department of Commerce will delay its orders prohibiting TikTok from US app stores pending the outcome of ongoing litigation with plaintiffs who seek to reverse the government ban.

13 November 2020

FTC reaches settlement with Zoom over cybersecurity flaws

The US Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with Zoom over the company’s cybersecurity flaws, but the commission’s two Democratic members have slammed what they see as a soft enforcement action.

10 November 2020

US court grants access to Capital One regulatory records

A US judge has granted plaintiffs partial access to regulatory records and other documents related to Capital One’s 2019 data breach, rejecting arguments by the bank and its regulators that the documents are privileged.

09 November 2020

DOJ: Plaid data would jeopardise Visa monopoly

The US Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Visa’s $5.3 billion acquisition of Plaid claims the deal is designed to end the competitive threat posed by the smaller company’s financial data network.

06 November 2020

Facebook avoids BrandTotal data access injunction

A US court has denied analytics company BrandTotal’s motion for a restraining order that would have forced Facebook to grant access to its platform.

05 November 2020

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