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Samsung faces class action suit

Claimants are seeking compensation from Samsung following a recently-announced data breach.

28 September 2022

California’s design code law brings uncertainty and heightened precautions

The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act requires a mental health consideration for companies operating an online service or product, a first for a US privacy regulation that lawyers said needs more clarification for its sweeping scope.

27 September 2022

Third-party client data sharing risks lurk on lawyers’ smartphones

Clients’ information can be siphoned off by unknown third parties when it is stored on a lawyer’s cellphone, and law firms are increasingly adopting tools to shield such data from smartphone apps.

27 September 2022

Uber could avoid harsh penalties over latest cybersecurity intrusion

Despite a high-profile 2017 data breach and a $148 million settlement, Uber’s latest public cybersecurity incident may not face significant penalties if it remains transparent and no personal data was exposed.

20 September 2022

Morgan Stanley fined after hard drives with customer data sold on

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has ordered Morgan Stanley to pay $35 million after thousands of hard drives containing data on millions of customers were resold on online auction sites.

20 September 2022

Judge substitutes government as defendant in data breach class action

A health care provider has persuaded a US federal judge to swap the Department of Justice in its place as a defendant – the latest in a series of rulings that have shifted liability for health care data breaches to the US government.

16 September 2022

Court dismisses claim that SolarWinds insufficiently prepared for 2020 hack

A Delaware state judge has rejected SolarWinds investors’ claims that the IT software provider’s board ignored cybersecurity red flags and should be held liable for a massive cyberattack discovered in 2020.

13 September 2022

Secrecy surrounding Uber data breach wasn’t unusual, witnesses say

Former Uber engineers and security leaders have testified that dealing with a 2016 breach of data relating to 51 million users and drivers was highly confidential – but that such a secretive response is commonplace in any company.

12 September 2022

Attorneys for ex-Uber CSO distance him from decision-making role

A former regulator said Uber’s last-minute announcement regarding a massive data breach after a two-year regulatory investigation was the “single-most frustrating” moment in his FTC career.

09 September 2022

DOJ paints ex-Uber CSO as schemer

Opening its criminal prosecution of John Sullivan, a US Department of Justice lawyer said its case against the former Uber chief security officer is about “a cover-up, payoff and lies.”

08 September 2022

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