Region: United States of America

Liberty Mutual fights Pennsylvania wiretapping litigation

Liberty Mutual has argued a class action alleging its website violated Pennsylvania’s wiretapping law should be dismissed as its session replay tools and the data allegedly collected are not governed by the statute.

28 February 2023

Federal privacy bill discussion: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 27 February 2023

GoodRx lawyers up over illegal health care advertising allegations; Rhode Island introduces bill that mirrors Connecticut’s data privacy law; House Democrats and Republicans signal that a national data privacy law is still a priority.

27 February 2023

Landry’s must indemnify JP Morgan after credit card data breach

The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled a hospitality chain’s contract and inadequate cybersecurity protocols forced it to indemnify credit card processing partner JP Morgan Chase after a data breach exposed thousands of credit cards.

27 February 2023

BIPA rulings could trigger deductible-busting costs and insurance litigation

Recent BIPA plaintiff-friendly Illinois Supreme Court wins will not only intensify class action lawsuits but also spur more insurance coverage court battles and insurance exclusions.

27 February 2023

Lawyers slam SEC Covington subpoena

The Association of Corporate Counsel and 83 law firms have backed Covington & Burling’s challenge to a Securities and Exchange Commission attempt to obtain information about clients affected by a cyberattack.

24 February 2023

False Claims Act cybersecurity investigations forces companies’ heads out of the sand

The DOJ’s recent launch of False Claims Act investigations into federal contractors’ cybersecurity compliance is forcing many companies to proactively manage their cybersecurity.

23 February 2023

Judge greenlights FTC’s case against Kochava

A federal judge has said he will probably allow the FTC to allege that marketing tech company Kochava’s practices caused or is likely to cause harm – and asked the parties to consider consolidating the litigation with a parallel case Kochava has filed against the regulator.

22 February 2023

Supreme Court hesitates to limit protections against liability for third-party content

The US Supreme Court today appeared reluctant to limit companies’ Section 230 protections to avoid opening a “world of lawsuits” against online platforms over their third-party content.

21 February 2023

Soriano seeks again to stop US banking data disclosure

A UK businessman is fighting an English judge’s refusal to block GDPR and libel defendants from obtaining banking data through the Manhattan federal court.

21 February 2023

Twitter’s API Woes: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 20 February 2023

The FTC takes its face-off over its privacy authority from the dockets to the courtroom; Twitter hires Quinn Emanuel to fend off data breach accusations; and the SEC seeks to amend a law regulating its use of personal information.

20 February 2023

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