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Businesses say CPRA regulations leaves them “in a pickle”

During a recent public hearing, the California Privacy Protection Agency heard concerns from small businesses and larger enterprises apprehensive about the Consumer Privacy Rights Act’s proposed requirements and its looming 2023 deadline.

25 August 2022

Meta wants to pay $37.5 million to settle location data class action

Meta is seeking to settle a class action lawsuit for $37.5 million over Facebook users who claim their location data was collected by the app after they turned their cellphone’s location services feature off.

24 August 2022

New York’s cybersecurity CLE requirement could spread nationwide

Lawyers licensed in New York state have a new requirement to complete cybersecurity-focused CLE training, a mandate other states are considering and some lawyers are advocating.

22 August 2022

Digital marketers exposed to CFPB enforcement

A US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule clarifying the agency’s definition of a service provider has extended its jurisdiction over the digital marketing industry.

19 August 2022

Class action lawsuit aims at Twitter’s targeted ads practice

Twitter has been hit with a class action suit for allegedly failing to disclose that the phone numbers and email addresses it collected for cybersecurity measures were also used to target ads.

18 August 2022

Marketing tech developer sues FTC

A digital marketing provider is suing the FTC over its structure and enforcement, the latest litigation challenging the federal regulator’s authority.

17 August 2022

Big tech antitrust bill could create data sharing requirements

In a bid to keep pace with modern business tactics, a US antitrust bill seeks to add new requirements for large tech platforms that could create significant private data sharing and portability requirements.

16 August 2022

FTC’s rulemaking could have economy-wide implications

The FTC’s proposed rulemaking attempts to tackle broad business practices across all industries that might otherwise be difficult to change with current enforcement tools.

15 August 2022

FTC launches data privacy rulemaking process

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking comment on harms caused by “commercial surveillance” and whether new rules are needed to protect privacy and data as part of a proposed rulemaking that could increase data-rich companies’ exposure to federal enforcement.

11 August 2022

Google seeks to toss incognito browser mode proposed class action

Google has asked an Oakland federal judge to deny certifying a class that alleges the internet giant deceptively collected user data through its incognito mode.

10 August 2022

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