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Data is key to Google’s dominance, latest antitrust lawsuit says

The third major antitrust lawsuit in as many months has been filed against Google, this one describing a snowball-like effect of how data collection has made the company increasingly dominant in digital advertising over the years.

18 December 2020

US state AGs: Google and Facebook colluded to undermine privacy

The antitrust lawsuit filed by a coalition of US state attorneys general against Google makes explosive allegations that the company intentionally undermined privacy in its pursuit of market dominance – including by colluding with Facebook to access WhatsApp data, and partnering with other Big Tech firms to stall privacy legislation.

17 December 2020

Brexit forces Facebook UK data reshuffle

Brexit uncertainty has pushed Facebook to shift legal responsibility for UK users from the company’s Irish division to its US parent company – though the UK replica of the GDPR will still apply.

17 December 2020

FTC commissioner calls for penalties against data firm’s parent company

The US Federal Trade Commission has sanctioned an analytics company for failing to secure consumer data, but an FTC member has criticised the agency for not pursuing penalties against the firm’s multi-billion dollar parent company.

16 December 2020

FTC scrutinises adtech

The US Federal Trade Commission has launched a probe into the adtech industry, ordering nine major social media and streaming platforms to provide records on how they collect and use consumer data for advertising.

15 December 2020

Only surveillance reform will solve EU-US data flow troubles, committee hears

A US national privacy law will do little to ensure transatlantic data flows unless Congress also implements reforms to the federal government’s surveillance apparatus, the US Senate committee drafting data protection legislation has heard.

11 December 2020

US enforcers: Facebook monopoly leaves it free to abuse privacy

The hotly anticipated antitrust lawsuits filed by US regulators against Facebook rely, in large part, on arguments that the company’s acquisitions of competitors have damaged consumer privacy across the entire internet.

10 December 2020

US FTC: Data broker’s sloppy information restricted access to housing

The US Federal Trade Commission has fined a housing data company $4.25 million for producing inaccurate background reports that may have caused people to be unfairly denied housing opportunities.

09 December 2020

US judge blocks more Trump TikTok restrictions

The district judge who initially prevented the Trump administration from banning TikTok from US app stores has blocked more of the government’s restrictions against the Chinese app.

08 December 2020

Antitrust class action lists litany of alleged Facebook privacy abuses

A class action lawsuit filed against Facebook claims that the company gained monopoly power by lying to users about its privacy policies and using data to identify and crush potential competition.

07 December 2020

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