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Hospital and Meta sued for website and app tracking

Days after Advocate Aurora Health revealed a data breach, the health care provider and its website tracking provider Meta were hit with a class action suit accusing the companies of violating patients’ privacy rights.

03 November 2022

CPPA meetings still leave compliance and enforcement questions unanswered

The California Privacy Protection Agency’s recent public meetings ended without resolving lingering enforcement and employee data concerns as the draft California Privacy Rights Act’s July 2023 enforcement date looms.

02 November 2022

Kochava claims FTC’s injunctive relief suing power is unconstitutional

A digital analytics provider is seeking to dismiss a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit by claiming the agency does not have the authority to bring the action and is violating the US Constitution.

01 November 2022

Edtech provider agrees to overhaul data security

Chegg will adopt new cybersecurity and data privacy measures as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that alleged the company’s inadequate controls led to multiple data breaches.

31 October 2022

Ryanair scraping case against survives

A US federal court has trimmed down airline Ryanair’s scraping litigation against, but allowed the CFAA lawsuit to continue overall.

31 October 2022

FTC penalises Drizly and chief executive

The US Federal Trade Commission has imposed measures on Uber subsidiary Drizly’s chief executive that will follow him into certain future roles.

25 October 2022

New Privacy Shield boosts corporate confidence

Corporate privacy executives have said the latest iteration of the EU-US data transfer framework provides much-needed economic certainty and may spark innovation.

21 October 2022

Texas AG sues Google for biometric violations

The Texas attorney general’s pursuit of Google for alleged violations of the state Capture or Use of Biometric Identifier comes eight months after similar enforcement against Meta.

20 October 2022

CFPB lawsuit could limit regulatory power over algorithms

A lawsuit challenging the CFPB’s recent broad-ranging approach to claims and reviews of discrimination could whittle the agency’s focus on algorithms leveraged for financial products.

19 October 2022

Health insurance company to pay $4.5 million cybersecurity penalty

EyeMed Vision Care was ordered to pay $4.5 million (€4.6 million) in penalties to New York State for cybersecurity violations that contributed to a breach of hundreds of thousands of customers’ sensitive health data.

19 October 2022

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