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Ex-Uber security chief gets probation

Former Uber chief security officer Joseph Sullivan has been sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine for covering up a massive Uber data breach.

05 May 2023

FTC plans further Meta restrictions after alleged settlement violations

The Federal Trade Commission has accused Meta of violating the terms of its $5 billion Cambridge Analytica settlement, and has moved to restrict the company from releasing new products and monetising minors’ data.

04 May 2023

SCOTUS Chevron case could dampen FTC activity

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could lead to it overturning the Chevron doctrine – a move that would limit the Federal Trade Commission’s burgeoning data privacy and cybersecurity enforcement and rulemaking.

03 May 2023

House digs into the limitations of privacy law patchwork

Members of the US House of Representatives have highlighted the limitations and regulatory loopholes created by the proliferation of localised and industry-specific privacy and cybersecurity laws.

02 May 2023

FTC’s generative AI warning: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 2 May 2023

The FTC highlights generative AI risk; the LabMD saga continues; and Utah updates its data breach notification law.

02 May 2023

Meta $37.5 million settlement receives preliminary OK

A federal judge has preliminarily approved a Meta $37.5 million settlement after previously denying the motion over class payouts and other concerns.

28 April 2023

Indiana, Montana and Tennessee set to expand US privacy patchwork

In recent weeks three states have passed data privacy bills that grant more US residents privacy rights and further complicates corporate compliance.

28 April 2023

EDPS: new Privacy Shield represents “big progress”

As Ireland’s decision on Meta data transfers looms, the European Data Protection Supervisor has expressed optimism about the new proposed framework for EU-US data transfers.

27 April 2023

Kochava fights Idaho class action

Mobile data broker Kochava has argued that a class action following on from the Federal Trade Commission’s case against the company should be thrown out.

26 April 2023

ABA sued over data breach

Poor security practices caused a March 2023 data breach that affected 1.4 million American Bar Association members, a putative class action has claimed.

26 April 2023

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