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Cologne court expands Google GDPR liability

The Regional Court of Cologne has held that Google’s US parent and Irish subsidiary are jointly liable for responding to right to be forgotten requests.

05 July 2022

State AGs steer Carnival to $1.25 million data breach settlement

The fractured state of data privacy enforcement in the US was on display last week as cruise ship operator Carnival settled with 45 states and the District of Columbia for $1.25 million and agreed to implement new cybersecurity measures to settle a multistate data breach matter.

01 July 2022

Key American Data Privacy and Protection Act amendments

With the August Congress recess looming, a House of Representatives subcommittee has amended and forwarded the American Data Privacy and Protection Act to its full committee with several significant amendments.

29 June 2022

Roe v Wade reversal could complicate data collection and sharing

Some US states’ aggressive stances on prosecuting or protecting abortions could have a wider impact on data collection and other practices in the wake of the Roe v Wade reversal.

28 June 2022

Judge tosses Colonial Pipeline ransomware gas hike lawsuit

A Georgia federal judge dismissed a lawsuit against Colonial Pipeline stemming from the 2021 ransomware attack that shut down the company’s oil access and raised gas prices.

27 June 2022

Long-running contentions linger in US data privacy bill

The recent markup of a data privacy bill revealed pre-emption, a private right of action and defining companies’ obligations are still lingering points of contention for passing a national data privacy law.

24 June 2022

Meta agrees to modify its housing ads process in discrimination settlement

Meta has agreed to settle a discrimination lawsuit with the US Department of Justice and change how housing advertisements are targeted and delivered on its platform.

22 June 2022

Cybersecurity could be on the back burner in tough economy

As historic inflation continues and central banks across the globe raise interest rates, companies may look to pause their cybersecurity initiatives.

21 June 2022

The need for clarity: whistleblowers in an opaque, digital world

Whistleblowers are a crucial way to expose cyberattacks, say Sanford Heisler Sharp partners Vincent McKnight and John McKnight and associate Sarah Chu.

21 June 2022

Google mostly loses bid to throw out data selling advertisement class action

Earlier this week, Google largely failed to dismiss a class action suit alleging the tech giant sold and shared account holders’ personal information through its ad space auction unbeknownst to users.

16 June 2022

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