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Biden picks privacy expert to replace Chopra at FTC

President Joe Biden intends to nominate privacy expert Alvaro Bedoya to the Federal Trade Commission, the White House said on Monday.

14 September 2021

Can California achieve data adequacy?

As negotiations between the US and EU over trans-Atlantic data flows move at a snail’s pace, a member of California’s newly constructed privacy regulator has floated the idea of the state achieving GDPR adequacy.

13 September 2021

Clearview mounts another BIPA First Amendment defence

Armed with a recent Eighth Circuit decision, facial recognition company Clearview AI has argued again that its activities are protected by the First Amendment.

09 September 2021

Facebook’s new FTC independent assessor revealed

After a previous watchdog failed to spot the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook hired a new independent assessor to oversee its US Federal Trade Commission-mandated privacy programme.

07 September 2021

Judge won’t require Google to produce extra documents about prior antitrust probes

A federal judge presiding over the Department of Justice’s case against Google has said the company does not have to turn over certain information the agency requested about past antitrust investigations.

06 September 2021

US enforcers employ new surveillance methods post-Carpenter

Geofence warrants, stingrays and bulk data purchases are among the new surveillance tactics employed by law enforcers some three years after the US Supreme Court’s 2018 Carpenter decision – a state of affairs that has civil libertarians urging Congress to enact privacy reforms.

03 September 2021

FTC’s Chopra: Criminally charge stalker app developers

The US Federal Trade Commission has banned the developer of a so-called stalker app from the surveillance industry – though the owner has told GDR that there is no record of his product being used for nefarious purposes. Meanwhile, FTC member Rohit Chopra has called for criminal penalties against such activities.

02 September 2021

Report sounds alarm over companies brokering active-duty military data

New research has found that at least three of the world’s 10 largest data brokers sell information on US active-duty military personnel – a situation critics say jeopardises national security.

25 August 2021

T-Mobile class actions pile up after data breach

Following a cyberattack that exposed the personal information of millions of customers, the US mobile operator is facing 10 class action lawsuits.

25 August 2021

FTC expands attack on Facebook data policies

An updated Federal Trade Commission antitrust complaint against Facebook has added detail about the privacy impact caused by the company’s allegedly monopolistic conduct.

24 August 2021

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