Region: United States of America

DOJ formalises narrower CFAA charges policy

The Department of Justice’s new policy for charging cases under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act isn’t a ‘get out of jail free card’ but it may give companies slighlty less teeth in their terms of service contracts.

24 May 2022

Employers struggle with CPRA requirements

With the exemption clock winding down, the California Privacy Rights Act could unleash a tidal wave of privacy policies and procedures onto HR departments that most US-based companies aren’t prepared for.

23 May 2022

Proposed EU-US AI risk management road map may crumble under jurisdictional and corporate preferences

The lofty goals of a planned EU-US AI road map may be hampered by regulatory differences and corporate preference for self-regulation.

20 May 2022

Litigation funders increasingly attracted to trade secrets cases

If litigation financiers take last week’s news of a $2 billion jury verdict in a trade secrets case the same way that they have viewed $2 billion patent verdicts in the past, it could lead to a rush of financing marketing aimed at trade secret owners.

20 May 2022

Cryptocurrency sanctions case highlights ransomware liability

Ransomware might be a common business problem but entities can’t ignore where their crypto payments land, with a recent judgment highlighting the US government’s increased vigour for pursuing entities that send cryptocurrency to sanctioned countries.

19 May 2022

White Castle plaintiff seeks to reassure court over prospect of “astronomical” BIPA damages

The Illinois Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case that could affect the amount of damages owed for BIPA violations.

18 May 2022

Inside a ransomware attack: How companies negotiate with threat actors

When responding to a ransomware attack, companies rely on a remote team of third parties to negotiate ransoms and confirm the veracity of attacks and tools. But in some instances, vendors need to first convince victims to even acknowledge threat actors.

16 May 2022

Bedoya confirmation brings deep data privacy experience to the FTC

Senate confirmation of Alvaro Bedoya to the Federal Trade Commission provides the agency with a Democratic majority that might reimagine its enforcement, litigation strategy and privacy prioritisation.

13 May 2022

NIST’s cybersecurity supply chain guidelines emphasise multilayered assessments

Overhauled NIST federal government procurement guidelines remain lengthy and complex, but new templates may help companies assess their cybersecurity supply chain risk more easily.

12 May 2022

Clearview agrees to stop private sector database access

Clearview AI will no longer allow private entities and individuals to purchase or use its facial vectors database as part of a settlement.

12 May 2022

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