Region: United States of America

California appeals Age-Appropriate Design Code block

The California Attorney General’s Office seeks to overturn a temporary block of the state’s child privacy legislation.

19 October 2023

Zoom to pay $150 million over encryption and cybersecurity claims

Zoom has agreed to settle investors’ claims that it issued misleading statements about its cybersecurity.

19 October 2023

House subcommittee discusses AI regulation and Hollywood

Hollywood and some partisan mudslinging crept into a US House of Representatives' subcommittee hearing on the prospects of AI legislation and a national data privacy bill.

19 October 2023

Google argues its privacy policy kills generative AI claims

Google has urged a federal court to dismiss a class action alleging its generative AI software infringed privacy rights, arguing that Google users agreed to feed their public data to train its software.

18 October 2023

Judge hesitant to block FTC modified Meta order

A Washington, DC judge has expressed scepticism that his court has jurisdiction to block the FTC from modifying Meta’s $5 billion privacy settlement.

18 October 2023

Sports organisation sued over Meta data-sharing

PGA Tour has been accused of unlawfully sharing identifiable user data in yet another case relying on the Video Privacy Protection Act to target Meta’s pixel tracking technology.

17 October 2023

Utah lawsuit says TikTok leaves US data in danger

The state of Utah has sued TikTok, claiming the company is misrepresenting its ability to protect US data from the Chinese government.

16 October 2023

The first alignment: AI newsletter 16 October 2013

While concerns over the level of investment into new AI companies continue to bubble up, the biggest companies are happier than ever to turn their budgets to implementing the technology internally – fewer LLMs, but probably a lot more chatbots instead of helplines. The G7’s slow march towards consensus continues, with the EU deigning to give companies a couple of weeks in which to offer their thoughts on what new guidance should look like.

16 October 2023

CFPB issues algorithm warning in TransUnion case

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has fined TransUnion $23 million for violations including misreporting individuals’ eviction history and failing to name third parties that provided inaccurate data.

13 October 2023

23andMe data breach lawsuits: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 13 October 2023

Plaintiffs file multiple class actions against 23andMe; OpenAI defamation lawsuit heads back to Georgia state court; a Philadelphia district court judge dismisses a Pixel class action against a local hospital system.

13 October 2023

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