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Platform sued for holding loan data “ransom”

Mortgage company Caliber Home Loans claims that its mortgage data processor has threatened to hold its information “hostage”, with serious potential consequences.

05 February 2021

Judge denies Google’s second bid to dismiss state AG COPPA lawsuit

An Albuquerque federal court has denied Google’s motion to dismiss claims from the state’s attorney general that the company violated children’s privacy – the second time in about 10 months that Google has failed to quash the lawsuit.

04 February 2021

Online advertising drives huge Big Tech revenues

Data-dependent digital advertising revenues have shot up at Google, Facebook and Amazon, recent earnings releases reveal.

03 February 2021

FTC stands by Zoom enforcement action

The US Federal Trade Commission has finalised its settlement with Zoom for misleading consumers about the company’s data security, despite criticism by the commission’s new acting boss.

02 February 2021

US intelligence agency admits to warrantless geolocation data collection

The US Defense Intelligence Agency has admitted to purchasing geolocation data on domestic and foreign residents without warrants, arguing that collecting such information is permitted under its interpretation of the Supreme Court’s Carpenter ruling.

01 February 2021

IP association: lack of data protection hinders drug development

Weak data protection rules in eight major economies are hurting US drug development companies, according to a major trade association of intellectual property owners.

29 January 2021

Zuckerberg and Cook butt heads over privacy

Two of the world’s most prominent technology chief executives have started a war of words over privacy and data-driven business models, in a battle that could spill over into the courts.

29 January 2021

Interest groups urge appeal court to overturn Microsoft secrecy order

Interest groups ranging from journalists to businesses and former prosecutors urged a US appeal court to overturn a nondisclosure order that prevents Microsoft from telling a corporate client about a government warrant for its data.

28 January 2021

Trump mandates KYC for cloud providers

In one of his administration’s final acts, former US President Donald Trump issued an executive order requiring web service providers to verify the identity of foreign persons to whom they sell infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) products.

26 January 2021

Fertility app developer sued for sharing data with Chinese companies

The US-based developer of a female fertility app has been sued for allegedly sharing user data with Chinese data analytics firms without consent.

25 January 2021

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