Region: United States of America

Judge sides with HPE in Oracle copyright dispute

A US judge has granted Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s motion for summary judgment in its copyright dispute with Oracle, saying that there is no evidence of infringement.

11 February 2019

Commission suggests talks to improve EU-US evidence exchange

The European Commission has published two recommendations to improve the exchange of electronic evidence in transatlantic criminal investigations.

08 February 2019

Facebook could violate GDPR with messenger integration, say lawyers

Facebook’s intention to link Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger together could face a challenge from regulators if the company does not clarify its user integration plans, privacy lawyers say.

05 February 2019

Versata loses copyright claims against Ford

A US federal judge has shut down software developer Versata’s claim that Ford infringed copyright in software designed to improve the efficiency of its car configuration.

01 February 2019

Court denies Yahoo! class action settlement

A Californian federal judge has refused to sign off on a settlement designed to end consumer litigation against Yahoo! relating to data breaches the company suffered between 2013 and 2016.

29 January 2019

Judge trims Equifax class action claims

A US judge has dismissed a number of claims made against Equifax in a data breach class action lawsuit, but has allowed the case to move forward.

29 January 2019

No harm needed for standing in biometrics case, Illinois court says

A US judge has said that individuals can sue organisations that collect biometric data without their consent, regardless of whether or not they suffered any harm.

28 January 2019

Google asks Supreme Court to intervene in Oracle copyright battle

Google has asked the US Supreme Court to review a longstanding dispute with Oracle that it says could change the future of software development.

25 January 2019

UBS and Bloomberg face off in data-sharing lawsuit

UBS has rejected allegations by Bloomberg that the bank illegally shared its data with third parties, and countersued the company for breach of contract.

24 January 2019

BakerHostetler grows in DC

BakerHostetler has added partner Eulonda Skyles to its Washington, DC privacy and data protection team.

24 January 2019

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