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Nevada privacy law imminent

Though less expansive than the GDPR or CCPA, one of the first state privacy laws in the US will go into effect on Tuesday in Nevada.

25 September 2019

Tata attempt to quash $420 million payout “morally bankrupt”, software developer seethes

Epic Systems has labelled an attempt by Tata Consultancy Services to overturn a trial court order forcing the Indian company to pay it $420 million for appropriating confidential information as “incorrect” and “morally bankrupt”.

25 September 2019

Trading platform to pay $2 million to settle SEC charges

TMC Bonds will pay $2 million to settle charges arising from its failure to protect confidential subscriber data, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said yesterday.

25 September 2019

Canada’s privacy watchdog ditches proposal to require consent for transfers

After receiving criticism from industry and other stakeholders, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has backed off from its proposal to require businesses to obtain consent for data transfers.

24 September 2019

Facebook fires back in quick riposte to data access injunction

Facebook has opposed a marketing company’s attempt to force it to provide access to user data, just four days after the initial filing.

24 September 2019

NIST framework could be harbinger of US privacy rules

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology – a US government agency that sets best practices for the science and tech sectors – has issued a draft set of rules to regulate how companies handle consumer data.

23 September 2019

Facebook accused of illegally blocking data access

A marketing company reliant on using public Facebook and Instagram data has accused the company of illegally shutting off its access in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

20 September 2019

US health department changing substance abuse disclosure rules

The US Department of Health and Human Services has proposed changes to rules governing records disclosures of people receiving treatment for drug addiction – sparking fears that the changes would discourage drug abusers from receiving help.

20 September 2019

US strengthens data-rich inbound investment rules

Proposed rule changes would allow the US foreign investment committee to block deals that might endanger sensitive personal data.

19 September 2019

Facebook and DC attorney general still fighting over evidence disclosure

Nearly a month after releasing emails detailing early employee concerns about Cambridge Analytica in 2015, Facebook is seeking to limit other internal records the Washington, DC, attorney general wants for his lawsuit against the company.

19 September 2019

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