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Intel and US senator privacy bills propose jail for offending execs

Intel and Senator Ron Wyden have released separate proposals for federal data protection legislation in the US, with the chipmaker suggesting exemption from administrative fines in certain cases.

14 November 2018

Study calls for more mass data interception scrutiny

A report on legal safeguards against bulk surveillance regimes has urged more judicial oversight in protecting civil rights.

13 November 2018

HP Enterprise sued over failed Russian telecoms system

Telecommunications company MegaFon claims Hewlett-Packard Enterprise fraudulently induced the company into acquiring a $28 million upgrade to its Russian mobile phone network, which was ultimately vulnerable to “catastrophic” outages.

09 November 2018

Privacy a competitive differentiator, Brill tells FTC

A former FTC commissioner and current Microsoft regulatory affairs head has told the commission that privacy and cybersecurity are being used by companies to set themselves apart from competition.

09 November 2018

Cambridge Analytica directors face further investigation

The UK Information Commissioner plans to refer the directors of political consultancy Cambridge Analytica to the government’s Insolvency Service.

08 November 2018

Personalised pricing under the spotlight in UK and US

The UK’s competition watchdog has announced that it will be researching how businesses offer personalised pricing on the basis of customer data, while a US Federal Trade Commission hearing debated whether the practice should fall under competition law rules.

07 November 2018

No harm caused by data sharing, says Facebook

Facebook’s lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss a consolidated complaint lodged against the social media platform following the Cambridge Analytica scandal on the grounds that data sharing for the purpose of targeted advertising did not cause the plaintiffs to suffer harm.

05 November 2018

McSweeny worried about “divergence” on big data

A former commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission has said she is worried about regulatory agencies diverging in how they judge the conduct of the world’s dominant technology platforms.

02 November 2018

Trade groups back Chrysler in hacking class action

Several industry groups have come out in support of Fiat Chrysler, as it petitions the US Supreme Court to review certification of a class action linked to cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

30 October 2018

Judge keeps dealer management systems lawsuit

An Illinois federal judge has refused to dismiss an antitrust claim brought by a vehicle registration service provider against CDK Global and Reynolds and Reynolds, and their wholly owned joint venture Computerized Vehicle Registration.

26 October 2018

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