Region: United States of America

Washington, DC Facebook lawsuit survives motion to dismiss

A Washington, DC state court has refused to dismiss attorney general Karl Racine’s Cambridge Analytica lawsuit against Facebook.

03 June 2019

Irish Supreme Court rejects Facebook’s Schrems II appeal

Ireland’s highest court has rejected Facebook’s attempt to block a referral concerning the validity of standard contractual clauses to the European of Justice.

31 May 2019

Healthcare IT company settles state AG HIPAA litigation

Medical Informatics Engineering has settled a lawsuit brought by multiple US state attorneys-general over a 2015 data breach that affected 3.9 million individuals’ healthcare data.

30 May 2019

Apple facing class action over alleged music data sale

A group of Apple customers has accused the company of selling data relating to music purchased on their iPhones without notifying them or obtaining consent.

28 May 2019

NordVPN accused of “blackmail”

A virtual private network operator has alleged that rival NordVPN threatened to publicly release confidential information obtained through a former service provider.

28 May 2019

Child game app developers lose motion to dismiss lawsuit

A California federal district court has allowed a data-scraping class action lawsuit against Disney, Viacom and game site Kiloo to continue.

24 May 2019

Jury backs Yahoo! in cyber insurance litigation

A federal jury has unanimously decided that an insurance company acted in bad faith when it failed to cover Yahoo!’s costs in a slew of privacy violation class actions.

23 May 2019

Pressure building on ad tech, lawyers warn

New rules in the US and the EU threaten to disrupt the ad tech ecosystem, privacy lawyers have warned.

22 May 2019

DLA Piper launches AI practice

DLA Piper has created a dedicated artificial intelligence practice that will be led by five partners across the US, Canada and the UK.

16 May 2019

Facebook sues Korean app developer

Facebook has sued a Korean app developer for illicitly using user data for marketing services, and for failing to comply with requests for an audit and proof of compliance with platform policies.

13 May 2019

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