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Epic Games sued over Fortnite data flaw

Epic Games is facing a class action lawsuit over a coding vulnerability that potentially compromised the personal information of all 200 million players of its Fortnite game.

12 August 2019

Amazon Web Services pulled into Capital One litigation

One of a wave of putative class action lawsuits filed by alleged victims of the Capital One data breach has named the bank’s cloud provider as a defendant.

12 August 2019

Think tank says US privacy law would cost billions

While admitting that some of its findings are based on “back-of-the-envelope” estimates, a Washington, DC think tank says a GDPR-like national data privacy law could cost the US some $122 billion annually.

12 August 2019

Delta sues subcontractor over 2017 data breach

Delta Airlines says a chatbot provider’s poor security caused the airline to suffer a 2017 data breach.

09 August 2019

Facebook fails to dislodge biometric lawsuit

Allegations that Facebook violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act may proceed to trial after a US appeals court ruled on Thursday that a district court was correct in certifying a class-action lawsuit against the company.

09 August 2019

FTC commissioner questions privacy and competition overlap

The US Federal Trade Commission’s settlement with email management provider has prompted one of its commissioners to highlight the trade-offs between competition and data privacy.

09 August 2019

Financial data analysis software at centre of IP row

Fintech company FinancialApps is seeking $100 million in damages from a wealth management software solutions provider it accuses of stealing proprietary information and trade secrets in order to develop competing products.

09 August 2019

Apple sued over Siri audio recording

A putative class action lawsuit has attacked Apple over its alleged practice of listening to user audio recordings, a week after a European data regulator recommended that authorities investigate the company over the conduct.

08 August 2019

Facebook sues developers for click injection fraud

Facebook has accused two app developers of deceiving users into downloading malware that generated fake clicks on adverts hosted on its platform.

07 August 2019

Facebook joins FTC in rejecting EPIC’s opposition to $5 billion settlement

The US Federal Trade Commission and Facebook have united in opposing a consumer-advocacy group's efforts to intervene in their recently bartered $5 billion settlement agreement.

07 August 2019

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