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New internet protection initiative will need regulations to drive compliance

The Declaration for the Future of the Internet has international support but needs legislation to ensure widespread corporate compliance.

29 April 2022

The data privacy hurdles that could upend Musk's Twitter

Prospective new Twitter owner Elon Musk has aspirations for Twitter as a “digital town square”, but his vision could collide with the proliferation of new data protection rules.

29 April 2022

Proposed law could lift cloud reluctance

A proposed amendment to the U.S. criminal code could help avoid another Schrems EU-US data transfer court defeat and push more law firms and their corporate clients to the cloud.

28 April 2022

SEC proposes 4-day breach reporting rule

The SEC’s proposed cybersecurity rules would force more consistent incident disclosures and potentially increase cybersecurity false positives.

26 April 2022

White Castle case could mean more money for claimants

The outcome of the White Castle case in Illinois could raise the damages claimants are able to seek under the state’s biometric data law.

25 April 2022

APEC launches global data transfer initiative

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is extending its data transfer certifications beyond its member countries and standardising some cross-border data flow complexities.

22 April 2022

Hackers find success in posing as law enforcement and forging legal requests

Companies facing pressure to rapidly respond to legal requests may have spurred data breaches that involve hackers posing as law enforcement to obtain customer data.

20 April 2022

HiQ scores another scraping victory against LinkedIn

Bolstered by the Supreme Court’s Van Buren ruling, a US federal appeals court has again ruled that LinkedIn cannot use the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to stop hiQ Labs from scraping its public user data – but hinted that other legal routes could still be available to LinkedIn.

19 April 2022

Informed consent still needs to be solved for online tracking

Tech developers and privacy advocates have shared the ongoing struggles of companies trying to offer meaningful consent requests to consumers.

19 April 2022

Colorado AG shares keys to drafting state privacy laws

Colorado’s attorney-general Philip Weiser unpacked the varying levels of interoperability and the  prospective approach needed for the development of state-level privacy laws.

13 April 2022

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