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White House proposes shifting cybersecurity liability to tech providers

The White House’s national cybersecurity strategy may lack enforcement bite but it highlights the federal government’s evolving incentives to enhance cybersecurity by various methods – including setting new standards and shifting legal liability.

08 March 2023

Judge tosses LabMD’s negligence claims against FTC

A Georgia federal judge has dismissed LabMD’s lawsuit that alleged the FTC was negligent and acted improperly during its civil enforcement action, finding the complaint was time-barred and the FTC’s alleged actions were protected.

07 March 2023

Aeries Software settles California data breach class action

Aeries Software has settled a $1.75 million class action following a data breach that compromised the personal data of students and parents at two California schools.

07 March 2023

Soriano GDPR and libel litigation settles

A libel and data protection case that raised questions about the extraterritorial application of the GDPR has settled, according to a statement that came one day after businessman Walter Soriano failed again to stop the defendants from obtaining his US banking data.

06 March 2023

Finnegan launches new privacy group with DHS chief privacy officer hire

The US Department of Homeland Security’s chief privacy officer Lynn Parker Dupree has joined Finnegan to lead the IP firm’s new privacy practice group.

03 March 2023

Google secures win in private browsing class action

A San Francisco federal judge has refused to overturn a decision denying claimants class action status for damages in a lawsuit against Google’s Chrome Incognito mode tracking practices.

03 March 2023

BetterHelp to refund customers after FTC data sharing investigation

The Federal Trade Commission will collect $7.8 million from online counselling service BetterHelp to compensate consumers affected by unauthorised health data sharing, marking the first time a company has returned funds after user health data was compromised.

02 March 2023

New Mexico accuses Meta of trying to dodge litigation

New Mexico has argued that Meta may have misinterpreted the $725 million Cambridge Analytica settlement agreement to release it from ongoing litigation in the state – but the company said the authorities had misrepresented its position.

02 March 2023

Private right of action and pre-emption worries still hinder US privacy law prospects

Republicans and Democrats appear focused on passing a national data privacy law but a hearing has hinted that key roadblocks remain.

01 March 2023

EDPB criticises EU-US adequacy proposal

The EDPB has poked holes in the European Commission’s proposed adequacy decision for the US, calling for more clarity on key points and emphasising the need for continued monitoring to ensure adherence to the terms of President Biden’s executive order.

28 February 2023

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