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US appeals court: Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply to crypto transactions

A US appeals court has ruled that cryptocurrency transaction data is not subject to Fourth Amendment privacy protections.

14 July 2020

LinkedIn sued for reading Apple clipboard info

A class action lawsuit has been filed against LinkedIn for allegedly reading data that Apple users cut, copied and pasted on their iPhones and other devices.

13 July 2020

Brazil senate passes controversial 'fake news' bill

Brazil’s senate has passed a bill intended to combat fake news despite the objections of privacy advocates, sending the legislation to the country’s house of representatives.

02 July 2020

Brazil senate to vote on ‘fake news’ bill

Controversial biometric data collection measures have been removed from a Brazilian bill intended to combat fake news, but privacy advocates and legal experts still have concerns about legislation they say would violate civil liberties.

29 June 2020

Law enforcement can’t compel people to unlock their phones, Indiana court says

In a judgment that splits from another US state, the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that the Fifth Amendment protects people there from being compelled by law enforcement to unlock their phones to search for incriminating evidence.

24 June 2020

US senate privacy proposal would ban facial recognition technology

A US senator has introduced a bill that would, among other things, ban the use of facial recognition technology and add tight restrictions on the collection of personal data.

23 June 2020

Senator blasts US intelligence agencies for lax cybersecurity

A US senator has released excerpts of an internal Central Intelligence Agency report which describes how lax cybersecurity standards led to the largest data breach in the agency’s history.

23 June 2020

Privacy groups sue LA for tracking scooters

Two privacy groups have initiated a class action lawsuit against the Los Angeles’ transport department for using software that tracks public mobile scooters in the city.

17 June 2020

EDPB hits out at Clearview

The European Data Protection Board has cast doubt on whether European law enforcement agencies can legally use controversial facial recognition database company Clearview AI.

11 June 2020

ACLU sues controversial facial recognition company

The American Civil Liberties Union and a private practice firm have filed a class action lawsuit against Clearview AI for allegedly storing millions of individuals’ biometric information without their knowledge – a lawsuit the company has labelled “absurd”.

29 May 2020

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