EU could blacklist NSO Group in battle against spyware

The European Union could follow the US in blacklisting the company that developed the Pegasus spyware, as the bloc launches an inquiry into the technology.

13 May 2022

Proposed law could lift cloud reluctance

A proposed amendment to the U.S. criminal code could help avoid another Schrems EU-US data transfer court defeat and push more law firms and their corporate clients to the cloud.

28 April 2022

Finnish watchdog issues Pegasus-linked reprimand

Finland’s data regulator has found that the country’s foreign affairs ministry failed to report a data breach resulting from a spyware operation targeting Finnish diplomats.

12 April 2022

ECJ again shuts down national retention measures

The European Court of Justice has confirmed that Irish retention measures for the purposes of serious crime prevention are contrary to EU law – and that an Irish court declaration to that effect would need to apply from the date the relevant framework came into force.

05 April 2022

UK bulk data sharing challenge fails

A court has refused to overturn a specialist tribunal’s ruling that UK intelligence agencies were entitled to share mass datasets of personal data with foreign counterparts.

04 April 2022

Speculation over role of new ‘court’ in Privacy Shield 2.0

Details about the new data transfer agreement between the EU and US are still thin on the ground, but one hope is that the new process will feature a more robust means of settling disputes than the previous Privacy Shield.

29 March 2022

French authority falls in line with ECJ position on general retention of metadata

France’s constitutional authority has issued a ruling against the mass retention of data, although new legislation on the issue is already ahead of the judgment.

25 February 2022

Class action roundup: Meta moves to settle, Clearview AI handed loss

In a pair of major developments this week in the US data litigation area, Meta has struck a $90 million (€72 million) deal to settle a decade-long privacy case while Clearview AI suffered a loss in its defense against a class action biometrics lawsuit.

16 February 2022

IRS facial recognition plan collected data on 7 million Americans, lawmaker says

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has scuttled plans to use facial recognition technology, but the chair of a congressional oversight committee has questioned what will happen to the roughly 7 million Americans who already gave the taxman their biometrics.

14 February 2022

Hungary on the offensive over Pegasus scandal

Hungary’s data protection authority has given its blessing to the government’s use of the notorious Pegasus spyware, saying that deployment of the technology was justified on national security grounds and threatening criminal action against those involved in uncovering its use.

07 February 2022

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