US judge blesses Facebook BIPA settlement as TikTok files separate agreement

A US judge has approved a $650 million Facebook settlement and TikTok has filed its own $92 million agreement in a pair of separate biometric information privacy class actions.

01 March 2021

US Treasury inspector raises Fourth Amendment concerns over bulk data purchases

An inspector general for the US Department of the Treasury has raised concerns that the government's warrantless purchases of geolocation data could violate Fourth Amendment privacy protections.

25 February 2021

Analysing the ePrivacy Regulation

Osborne Clarke Madrid partner Rafael García del Poyo unpacks the recent EU Council draft ePrivacy Regulation.

24 February 2021

Biden puts brakes on TikTok and WeChat bans

The US Department of Commerce has put a pause on its efforts to ban TikTok and WeChat from US app stores while the Biden administration reviews policies pursued by the previous government.

17 February 2021

A rocky road ahead: ePrivacy reactions

After four years of debate in the Council of the European Union, an updated version of the EU ePrivacy regime is moving forward. It’s a big victory for the Portuguese presidency of the council, which achieved what many previous presidencies could not – but the process isn’t over yet.

11 February 2021

ePrivacy finally gets moving

EU member state representatives have greenlit a proposed version of the ePrivacy Regulation, paving the way for negotiations after four years of delays.

10 February 2021

Facial recognition feeling the squeeze

A ban on the use of facial recognition in most situations may be on the cards, after an influential body raised concerns about the data processing technology’s privacy repercussions.

04 February 2021

US intelligence agency admits to warrantless geolocation data collection

The US Defense Intelligence Agency has admitted to purchasing geolocation data on domestic and foreign residents without warrants, arguing that collecting such information is permitted under its interpretation of the Supreme Court’s Carpenter ruling.

01 February 2021

Interest groups urge appeal court to overturn Microsoft secrecy order

Interest groups ranging from journalists to businesses and former prosecutors urged a US appeal court to overturn a nondisclosure order that prevents Microsoft from telling a corporate client about a government warrant for its data.

28 January 2021

Facebook geolocation lawsuit dismissed for failure to file

A San Francisco federal court has dismissed a proposed class action lawsuit against Facebook for allegedly collecting geolocation data without consent after the case’s lead plaintiff failed to file an amended complaint – but a similar lawsuit against the social media company remains intact.

27 January 2021

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