Details of Facebook/DOJ encryption fight to remain secret

A US appeals court has refused to unseal documents that purportedly show law enforcement officials attempting to force Facebook to build a backdoor that would allow them to wiretap the company’s encrypted Messenger app.

23 July 2020

US AI commission recommends export controls for data

A council of top current and former US tech, military and intelligence officials has recommended that the country’s government place export controls on sensitive American data that could be used by competitors in the race for artificial intelligence supremacy.

21 July 2020

Telecoms law needs stricter data rules, says German regulator

Germany’s federal data regulator has welcomed a decision from the country’s top court ruling aspects of its telecommunications law unconstitutional for allowing excessive state access to user data.

21 July 2020

Israeli surveillance company fails to quash WhatsApp lawsuit

A San Francisco federal court has rejected Israeli company NSO Group’s sovereign immunity arguments in its motion to dismiss a lawsuit by WhatsApp for hacking some of its users’ accounts.

17 July 2020

Industry and privacy groups alike baulk at Barr-backed encryption bill

An encryption carveout has been added to online platform liability legislation making its way through Congress, but the country’s attorney general has backed another bill that would give law enforcement access to encrypted communications.

16 July 2020

Schrems II: Privacy Shield invalidated, SCCs remain

The European Court of Justice has invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield in the landmark Schrems II case – but has allowed standard contractual clauses to remain in place.

16 July 2020

US appeals court: Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply to crypto transactions

A US appeals court has ruled that cryptocurrency transaction data is not subject to Fourth Amendment privacy protections.

14 July 2020

LinkedIn sued for reading Apple clipboard info

A class action lawsuit has been filed against LinkedIn for allegedly reading data that Apple users cut, copied and pasted on their iPhones and other devices.

13 July 2020

Brazil senate passes controversial 'fake news' bill

Brazil’s senate has passed a bill intended to combat fake news despite the objections of privacy advocates, sending the legislation to the country’s house of representatives.

02 July 2020

Brazil senate to vote on ‘fake news’ bill

Controversial biometric data collection measures have been removed from a Brazilian bill intended to combat fake news, but privacy advocates and legal experts still have concerns about legislation they say would violate civil liberties.

29 June 2020

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