TikTok claps back against Trump’s ban

TikTok has filed a lawsuit challenging Donald Trump’s executive order banning the social media platform from the US, arguing that the order is unlawful and violates the company’s Fifth Amendment right to due process.

25 August 2020

Facebook BIPA $650 million settlement receives preliminary OK

A US judge has granted preliminary approval to a settlement agreement between plaintiffs and Facebook after the company agreed to pay an extra $100 million to end a long-running facial recognition lawsuit.

21 August 2020

CCPA disclosures cited in latest Facebook BIPA lawsuit

A class action lawsuit against Facebook cites the CCPA to support allegations that the company violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) by harvesting images from Instagram users without their consent.

20 August 2020

How the US CDC uses covid-19 data

In March, US lawmakers injected $500 million into the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to improve its covid-19 data collection. GDR has obtained CDC’s report to Congress that outlines how the agency says it will use that funding.

19 August 2020

New Jersey Supreme Court backs compelled phone unlocking

In a judgment that differs from some other US courts, New Jersey’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Fifth Amendment does not stop law enforcers from forcing individuals to grant access to their mobile phones.

12 August 2020

Third time lucky for EU/US data transfer deal?

The EU and US have begun discussions for an “enhanced” Privacy Shield that will comply with Schrems II, but experts fear that such a deal would undermine GDPR rights if the US refuses to curtail its surveillance practices.

11 August 2020

Telecoms companies under pressure for Black Lives Matters protestor surveillance

US lawmakers and a Federal Communications Commission member are investigating allegations that adtech data is being used to track and profile protestors.

11 August 2020

France’s facial recognition law attacked

A French advocacy group has asked the country’s highest administrative court to repeal a law that authorises law enforcement to use facial recognition technology.

11 August 2020

FTC commissioners bang the privacy drum at oversight hearing

Behavioural advertising, Schrems II, data security, the need for legislative overhaul and other privacy-related topics dominated the latest congressional oversight hearing of the US Federal Trade Commission.

06 August 2020

US senators introduce national BIPA bill

A recently introduced national version of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act would likely avoid contentious litigation about standing that has surrounded the state privacy law.

05 August 2020

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