Opice Blum Bruno Abrusio e Vainzof

Luis Chaves leads a privacy team of nine associates at technology boutique Opice Blum alongside Renato Opice Blum, Marcos Bruno, Juliana Abrusio, Rony Vainzof, Camilla Jimene and Caio César Lima, who also focus on data matters. The firm provides services in the areas of cyber fraud, digital compliance, data protection and telecoms, offering companies measures that mitigate data-related risks and information management, which includes compliance and due diligence.

Opice Blum is perhaps best known as a litigation firm. Outside that core area, the team also assists clients in developing new business models and cybersecurity policies. The firm works for a range of different clients such as international banks, airlines, e-commerce conglomerates and telecoms groups; it helped several ISPs revert a court order blocking a messaging app in 2015.

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