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Schrems criticises Austrian consent decision

Campaigner Max Schrems has criticised a determination by Austria’s data protection regulator that an online newspaper subscription offer complies with the GDPR.

12 December 2018

Shift in bulk interception policy will not increase investigative activity, says UK government

A spokesperson for the UK government has said that a shift in policy to make greater use of bulk surveillance legislation does not mean that its investigative activity is set to increase.

11 December 2018

Facebook ordered to pay €10 million over data sharing policies

Italy’s competition watchdog has fined Facebook €10 million over its use of consumer data, saying the social media giant misled its users.

07 December 2018

ePrivacy hits new delays

The EU’s ePrivacy Regulation is now unlikely to be finalised until 2020 after facing fresh delays, observers say.

07 December 2018

Plaintiffs lack standing to pursue Mercy Health, US federal court rules

An Ohio federal court has thrown out a putative class action lawsuit against the state’s largest health system, after finding that alleged systematic security failures were insufficient for the case to proceed.

07 December 2018

Irish judge throws out wrongful conviction appeal

The Irish Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal in a businessman’s claim against the Irish national police for breaches of his rights as a data subject due to its “incompetent record keeping”.

06 December 2018

Google facing fine in Russia

Russia’s data watchdog has opened an administrative case against Google amid reports that the agency will be handed greater fining powers.

03 December 2018

Up to date

Diego Fernández, a partner at Marval O'Farrell & Mairal in Buenos Aires, compares Argentina’s new data protection bill to the legislation it is replacing.

03 December 2018

US official highlights role of encryption in hacking scheme

The US deputy attorney general has drawn attention to the dangers of encryption technology in light of its use in the SamSam Ransomware cyber attacks.

30 November 2018

Singapore watchdog warns on social media use

Singapore’s data watchdog has criticised a local business for “excessive disclosure of personal data” in a social media spat with a former employee.

29 November 2018