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Police bill violates EU law, says German state authority

Lower Saxony’s data protection authority has said a new police and public order bill remains non-compliant with European data privacy standards, despite recent revisions.

21 May 2019
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Jelinek: No one likes a toothless tiger

The head of the European Data Protection Board, Andrea Jelinek, has stressed the importance of enforcement to ensuring that companies respect the fundamental right to privacy.

20 May 2019

Hungarian central bank issues cloud computing recommendations

Hungary’s central bank has recommended that businesses conduct a pros-and-cons analysis of cloud-based systems to ensure that their practices preserve privacy.

20 May 2019

Polish watchdog issues second GDPR fine

Poland's data protection authority has fined the Lower Silesian Football Association, marking the regulator's second GDPR fine in two months.

17 May 2019

Government access to flight passenger data challenged in Germany

A former European Parliament civil liberties committee head has challenged a German law and underlying EU directive that gives government agencies extensive access to flight passenger data.

17 May 2019

Lithuanian watchdog issues first GDPR fine

Lithuania's data protection authority has fined a payments processing company for breaching three provisions of the GDPR.

16 May 2019

Class certification for Canadian telecoms privacy suit

A Canadian privacy lawsuit involving the country’s largest telecommunications provider has been certified as a class action, meaning that all of the company’s customers between 2013 and 2015 may be eligible for a pay-out.

15 May 2019

Hong Kong court dismisses rectification judicial review

A Hong Kong court has dismissed an attempt by a foreign worker to have a government immigration department’s refusal to change allegedly incorrect personal data put to judicial review.

15 May 2019

UK insurance body calls for ICO breach data access

The head of a UK insurer association has called for access to anonymised breach data collected by the country’s data protection watchdog.

14 May 2019

Facebook fined by Turkish regulator

Facebook has been hit with what is thought to be the Turkish data protection authority’s largest ever fine over a bug which let third parties view private photos.

13 May 2019