Topic: Adequacy

UK data flows official warns against localisation

The potential consequences of implementing data localisation rules could outweigh governments’ good intentions, a UK Department for Science, Innovation and Technology official has warned.

25 September 2023

UK-US data bridge approved

The UK has approved its own transatlantic data adequacy agreement hot on the heels of the newly established EU-US adequacy framework.

21 September 2023

French MP opens second front against EU-US adequacy

A French lawmaker has asked the EU General Court to overturn the Data Privacy Framework.

08 September 2023

Brazil unveils new adequacy mechanism

Brazil is seeking to address issues around the transfer of data abroad, publishing a new draft law on standard contractual clauses and the granting of adequacy decisions.

18 August 2023

US adequacy receives cautious welcome

Despite being the subject of much speculation and anticipation, the arrival of the EU’s data adequacy agreement with the US has been less enthusiastically received by businesses wary of having the rug pulled out from under them yet again.

21 July 2023

EU to publish batch of adequacy assessments

The European Commission will publish assessments of all its current adequacy agreements after the summer, as negotiations continue for a new reciprocal agreement with Brazil.

20 July 2023

UK and US reveal adequacy agreement plans

A planned UK-US data bridge is set to allow for the free flow of data between the two jurisdictions, including an apparent provision tying the agreement to the incoming EU-US Data Privacy Framework.

09 June 2023

ICO independence worries MEPs

Brussels lawmakers have expressed concern that the UK’s data framework overhaul could undermine the ICO’s independence.

24 May 2023

Commission data chief said to waver on UK adequacy

A senior BT lawyer has revealed that the European Commission’s head of international data flows has concerns over whether the UK’s new data protection bill is compatible with the adequacy agreement between the two jurisdictions.

17 May 2023

Andrea Jelinek: The exit interview

The end of Andrea Jelinek’s term as chair of the European Data Protection Board is drawing near. She tells GDR about the one-stop-shop, progress on the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, and harmonisation of member states’ national procedural laws.

02 May 2023

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