Topic: Adtech

Meta shifts legal basis

Meta has switched to relying on legitimate interest to target users with behavioural advertising – a move which noyb has already said it plans to challenge in court.

30 March 2023

Google again seeks to throw out Incognito tracking lawsuit

Google has argued that almost three years of discovery have shown that it never promised not to collect data from users who used the Chrome browser private browsing mode.

23 March 2023

German parties face unlawful political advertising accusations

Noyb has accused six German political parties of violating the GDPR by targeting voters through Facebook adverts without an appropriate legal basis.

21 March 2023

Belgian regulator pauses adtech change implementation

The Belgian data protection authority has put IAB Europe’s implementation of its action plan on hold on the eve of a court hearing.

15 March 2023

Dutch judgment heralds Meta compensation claims

A Dutch court has ruled that Facebook unlawfully processed the personal data of users in the Netherlands for a decade, in a Cambridge Analytica-linked judgment that the claimant NGOs said clears the way for consumers to seek compensation.

15 March 2023

Texas data privacy bill draws industry support and activists’ concerns

The author of a proposed Texas privacy bill has warned that Texans cannot wait for perfection while businesses make unregulated use of personal data.

14 March 2023

UK data bill addresses adtech industry concerns

The UK Data and Marketing Association has welcomed clarifications provided by the new UK data bill, but expressed some concern over the extent of exemptions proposed.

10 March 2023

BetterHelp to refund customers after FTC data sharing investigation

The Federal Trade Commission will collect $7.8 million from online counselling service BetterHelp to compensate consumers affected by unauthorised health data sharing, marking the first time a company has returned funds after user health data was compromised.

02 March 2023

Meta UK class action gets second chance at certification

A UK tribunal has refused to certify a proposed £2.2 billion antitrust class action against Meta but allowed the claimant six months to amend what it said “went very badly wrong” – while warning that part of the case appears to fall outside the tribunal’s jurisdiction altogether.

22 February 2023

Supreme Court hesitates to limit protections against liability for third-party content

The US Supreme Court today appeared reluctant to limit companies’ Section 230 protections to avoid opening a “world of lawsuits” against online platforms over their third-party content.

21 February 2023

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