Topic: Adtech

Meta’s ad practice subject to consumer protection complaint

European consumer organisations have challenged Meta for its new ‘pay or OK’ model for targeted advertising.

30 November 2023

Meta pay-or-consent model under pressure

Noyb has sought an urgent decision that would stop Meta from offering users the option to pay a monthly fee in order to avoid being the subject of targeted advertising, accusing Meta of attempting to “extort” consent.

28 November 2023

German adtech case starts after years of delay

A lawsuit challenging the real-time bidding for targeted advertisements has had its first hearing after years of covid-related delay.

22 November 2023

EU authorities cast doubt on adtech model

Senior figures at European data protection authorities have suggested that even consent may not be a workable basis for targeted advertising, as Meta’s new ‘pay or OK’ strategy faces scrutiny.

21 November 2023

ICO takes action on cookies

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has warned some of the country’s biggest websites that they face enforcement action if they do not bring their cookie banners into compliance with the law.

21 November 2023

EDPB guidelines extend cookie consent rule to new technologies

European Data Protection Board ePrivacy Directive guidelines could extend the legislation’s application to emerging technologies.

20 November 2023

Meta consent option under regulatory scrutiny

Data protection authorities in the EU are assessing the legality of Meta charging users in the bloc to opt out of ads on Instagram and Facebook.

08 November 2023

Attorneys contest GoodRx settlement: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 3 November 2023

GoodRx says a recently announced $13 million settlement should apply to all privacy class actions but plaintiffs’ attorneys disagree; the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) amends its cybersecurity requirements; and plaintiffs’ attorneys claim Meta skipped an escrow payment for its $725 million settlement agreement.

03 November 2023

Meta targeted ad order extended across the EU

The European Data Protection Board has permanently banned Meta from using two legal bases to process data for behavioural advertising, adding more pressure to adtech operators’ attempts to use contract or legitimate interest for similar processing.

01 November 2023

Grindr fights Norwegian regulator

A Grindr lawsuit says a Norwegian decision misreads the GDPR and will lead to “vast negative consequences” for companies.

31 October 2023

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