Topic: Article 65 dispute resolution

TikTok: EDPB binding decision process breaches EU law

TikTok has challenged the compatibility of the European Data Protection Board dispute resolution mechanism with EU fundamental rights.

28 November 2023

Agencies welcome one-stop-shop overhaul but warn on dispute resolution

European agencies have raised concerns about parts of the proposed harmonisation of cross-border GDPR enforcement that could restrict challenges to draft decisions.

21 September 2023

TikTok fined €345 million

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has found that TikTok failed to adequately protect children’s data, after the EDPB stepped in to resolve disputes between member state regulators.

15 September 2023

EDPB issues binding decision on TikTok fine

The European Data Protection Board has resolve disagreements between European authorities about Ireland’s enforcement action against TikTok.

03 August 2023

European Commission reveals one-stop-shop overhaul

Long-awaited EU legislation is set to ease cross-border investigations and boost defence rights – prompting negative reactions from civil society and corporate interest groups alike.

04 July 2023

Civil society lays out floor for GDPR enforcement reform

A group of NGOs have set out what minimal changes the European Commission should implement to improve the GDPR’s enforcement, placing a strong emphasis on creating clear deadlines for regulators and a broader right to be heard for complainants.

12 June 2023

EDPB and European Commission officials defend the GDPR

Andrea Jelinek and Olivier Micol have rejected the criticism that the GDPR has failed, arguing that support from the European Data Protection Board and European Commission has allowed it to work as intended.

26 May 2023

Special Report: Has the GDPR failed?

The EU's modern data protection framework is five years old. Was it a game changer or a flop?

25 May 2023

Reynders confirms one-stop-shop harmonisation timeline

The European Commission aims to publish its proposal to reform the one-stop-shop process in the coming weeks, and to pass it “before the end of the current mandate.”

24 May 2023

Meta hit with biggest ever GDPR fine

UPDATED: Meta has been fined €1.2 billion and ordered to suspend transfers of personal data between the EU and US.

22 May 2023

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