Topic: Artificial intelligence

Stability AI fails to cut UK Getty lawsuit

A High Court judge has refused to dismiss claims targeting Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion image generation model.

01 December 2023

Anthropic’s venue request: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 1 December 2023

AI company Anthropic argues it should face a generative AI lawsuit in a different location; plaintiffs want a second shot at their claims Twitter deceptively obtained their phone number for targeted advertising; and a Cooley partner takes her defence of Midjourney AI litigation to her new firm.

01 December 2023

FTC reiterates AI focus with streamlined investigations

The FTC’s decision to ease its AI investigation process is the latest example of the regulator positioning itself as the top US AI enforcer.

29 November 2023

AI regulation bill introduced to UK parliament

A bill submitted to the House of Lords would set up a central AI regulatory regulator – but it is unlikely that the legislation will become law.

27 November 2023

More rules, fewer deals: AI newsletter 27 November 2023

AI continues to be affected or unaffected by the general downturn in tech investment, depending on how you look at: deals by volume are down compared to Q2, while the total value of all funding has risen slightly. Elsewhere 19 countries have signed a joint agreement on guidelines for secure AI system development – a spark of international cooperation following the Bletchley promises.

27 November 2023

The ABA’s breach drama: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 27 November 2023

The American Bar Association fights back against a data breach class action; a longtime data privacy advocate retires from the US House of Representatives; and Google turns to Cooley over generative AI spying claims.

27 November 2023

Q&A: ICO AI official Sophia Ignatidou

Sophia Ignatidou leads the UK Information Commissioner’s Office AI and data science unit. She tells GDR about upcoming guidance, balancing data protection and competition, and the resourcing struggles faced by regulators getting to grips with the new technology.

24 November 2023

Expert unpacks Online Safety Act AI implications

While the recently enacted UK Online Safety Act does not directly regulate AI, the technology is not completely off the hook.

24 November 2023

High Court paves way for neural network patents

A judge has overturned a UK Intellectual Property Office decision to reject a patent for an artificial neural network.

23 November 2023

OpenAI and Microsoft face fresh book copyright class action

Non-fiction authors have slammed OpenAI and investor Microsoft with claims that their generative AI software infringed writers’ copyrights.

23 November 2023

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