Topic: Artificial intelligence

Stability AI faces fresh Getty scraping suit

Getty Images has sued Stability AI in US federal court claiming wide-scale copyright infringement, weeks after pursuing similar litigation in the UK.

06 February 2023

US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 6 January 2023

It's been a difficult couple of weeks for T-Mobile: Its SEC disclosure that a hacker had access to 37 million account holders’ data has sparked multiple lawsuits in federal California and Florida courts. Pennsylvania's wiretapping law is also stirring many privacy class action lawsuits and counsel has come on the record in the closely watched Stability AI image scraping class action.

06 February 2023

Italian regulator says chatbot is a risk to minors

Italy’s privacy watchdog has ordered US-developed chatbot Replika to pause its data processing after finding it does not adequately protect minors.

03 February 2023

OpenAI fights back against copyright infringement data claims

OpenAI has argued that a federal court should throw out a copyright infringement lawsuit against its AI system because the plaintiffs failed to plead any concrete harm.

31 January 2023

NIST finalises AI risk management guidance

NIST’s AI risk management framework joins a growing federal push to regulate AI in the US.

27 January 2023

Impressive, but not always right: ChatGPT and data protection compliance

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has prompted questions about how it could affect compliance work such as the drafting of privacy notices. GDR spoke to leading practitioners who have experimented with the tool.

23 January 2023

Pressure mounts against Stability AI

Getty Images is suing AI image generator Stability AI in the UK High Court over claims it unlawfully used its copyrighted photos – the second lawsuit lodged against the company within a week.

19 January 2023

Artists claim AI company infringed their copyright

A putative class action claims a London-based tech company unlawfully used copyrighted photos to create AI-generated images.

17 January 2023

China cracks down on ‘deepfake’ misuse with new rules

China’s cybersecurity watchdog has issued regulations on the use of deep synthesis technologies to better manage the development of this fast-evolving technology and mitigate its growing risks.

15 December 2022

Brazil’s AI commission presents report to senate

A commission tasked with drafting Brazil’s artificial intelligence regulations has concluded its proposal, which outlines a risk-based approach, the creation of an authority with enforcement powers, and a range of rights for individuals affected by AI systems.

14 December 2022

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