Topic: Artificial intelligence

Global pressure on ChatGPT increases

Japanese and German regulators are the latest to turn their attention to ChatGPT and the perceived risks of generative AI, with both inquiring into how parent company OpenAI handles personal data.

02 June 2023

AI Act rapporteur lays out red lines ahead of negotiations

MEP Brandon Branifei has outlined key areas of contention among lawmakers over the EU’s landmark AI legislation, to be discussed during the upcoming trilogue negotiations.

01 June 2023

EU-US AI code of conduct planned to bridge regulation gap

The EU and US are working together to push out a voluntary AI code of conduct in advance of formal regulation taking effect.

31 May 2023

Snap assistant GC joins White & Case’s privacy group

Former Snap assistant general counsel Hope Anderson joined White & Case as a partner to help clients navigate lawmakers’ emerging technology regulations.

23 May 2023

OpenAI and Microsoft fail to shake AI lawsuit

A California federal judge has refused to dismiss claims that Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI’s AI tools reproduced licensed code without the required copyright information.

12 May 2023

AI Act moves closer to finish line

In a move that was broadly welcomed by industry and civil society, a political agreement has been adopted by European Parliament committees working on the AI Act, opening the door to a full vote expected for June.

11 May 2023

Austria follows suit with Clearview decision while French pressure builds

Austria’s privacy regulator is the latest European data watchdog to declare that Clearview’s data use is illegal.

10 May 2023

AI Act expected to pass by end of the year

Two MEPs have set out an aspirational timeline for the EU’s landmark AI legislation project, and addressed questions over high-risk AI systems and how it intends to regulate them.

10 May 2023

The two poles of generative AI regulation

The explosion in popularity of new generative AI models has been matched by swift regulatory action – at least in some quarters. But as authorities try to hit the moving target of large language models’ capabilities, it remains to be seen how new restrictions will affect the overall development of consumer AI tools.

03 May 2023

FTC’s generative AI warning: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 2 May 2023

The FTC highlights generative AI risk; the LabMD saga continues; and Utah updates its data breach notification law.

02 May 2023

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