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New rules from Beijing and Apple enters the chatbot race: AI newsletter 24 July 2023

Welcome to GDR’s first AI newsletter, highlighting the most important policy, legal and market developments in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space from the last week. In this edition the EU and US agree to team up on oversight of AI in financial services, China releases new regulations on generative AI, and Deloitte predicts that the market will stay cool.

24 July 2023

FTC’s Pixel, Google Analytics warning letters: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 24 July 2023

The FTC and US Department of Health and Human Services sent 130-plus hospital systems and telehealth providers letters regarding Meta Pixel, Google Analytics and other online analytics tools’ potential privacy risks; and the European Commission and the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are informally teaming up to tackle financial institutions’ potential privacy risks.

24 July 2023

Berlin regulator issues first public fine since leadership change

The Berlin data regulator has fined a bank €300,000 for lack of transparency concerning its use of an automatic credit assessment algorithm.

01 June 2023

Personalised pricing needs consent, senior CNIL figure says

Personalised pricing could be the next target of civil society action, as a senior figure at the French data authority says that consent would be the only legal basis for such processing.

24 May 2023

FTC’s generative AI warning: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 2 May 2023

The FTC highlights generative AI risk; the LabMD saga continues; and Utah updates its data breach notification law.

02 May 2023

Amsterdam court gives red light to Uber and Ola appeal

The Amsterdam Court of Appeal has found that Ola and Uber failed to adequately inform drivers about how their data was processed, in a judgment that provides key insights into what constitutes automated decision-making in the gig economy.

05 April 2023

ECJ adviser says automated credit scoring is profiling

A European Court of Justice adviser has said in two separate opinions that automated loan scoring constitutes profiling under the GDPR, regulators’ decisions are subject to judicial review, and limits apply to the retention of data from public registers by credit agencies.

16 March 2023

UK data reform legislation returns – again

Initial reactions suggest businesses will broadly welcome the latest draft overhaul of the UK’s data protection framework, but concerns remain over how the EU will respond.

08 March 2023

TSA’s facial recognition programme could clash with municipalities' bans

The US Transportation Security Administration’s facial recognition trial could spark legal battles if it expands into US cities that have previously banned the use of such technology.

19 December 2022

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