Topic: Biometric data

Amazon faces novel New York biometric class action

A lawsuit claims Amazon’s cashier-less stores violated New York City’s year-old biometric law by collecting biometric data without consent or notice.

17 March 2023

Illinois Supreme Court ruling “a new frontier” for BIPA claims

The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that BIPA claims accrue with each scan of biometric data without consent, a decision that will likely embolden the active plaintiffs bar and beef up settlements.

17 February 2023

Illinois Supreme Court sets five-year window for BIPA claims

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the Biometric Information Privacy Act has a five-year statute of limitation, in a widely anticipated ruling that could significantly increase companies’ biometric data exposure.

06 February 2023

Dutch regulator says passport database is a “goldmine” for hackers

Netherland’s data regulator has criticised a legislative proposal for a centralised database storing photos, signatures and fingerprints relevant to passport documentation, saying it contains gaps in personal data protection.

30 January 2023

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