Topic: Consent

Home Depot sharing e-receipts with Meta deemed illegal

Canada’s federal privacy commissioner has warned that practices such as Home Depot’s sharing of e-receipts without obtaining consent could be widespread across various organisations.

26 January 2023

Reasoning behind EDPB order to expand WhatsApp inquiry revealed

Objections from Finland, France and Italy drove the EDPB’s order to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner to expand its investigation into WhatsApp.

25 January 2023

ECJ case may create “significant” insolvency hurdles

A recent European Court of Justice referral could influence the debate over the tradability of data, with insolvency lawyers raising concerns that the case could restrict the ability of creditors to satisfy claims over databases.

20 January 2023

Web analytics tools under siege in Pennsylvania and California courts

Recent decisions in the Ninth and Third Circuit have opened a floodgate of data privacy class actions alleging that companies’ tracking cookies illegally wiretapped consumers’ communications.

19 January 2023

Ireland and EDPB clash again over WhatsApp investigation

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner has threatened more court action against the EDPB, after the European body again ordered the data watchdog to launch a further investigation into WhatsApp following a €5.5 million penalty.

19 January 2023

EDPB reaches cookie consensus

The EDPB has published an overview of acceptable practice for cookie banners, following a year in which millions of euros of fines have been handed out for misbehaviour in the space.

18 January 2023

Artists claim AI company infringed their copyright

A putative class action claims a London-based tech company unlawfully used copyrighted photos to create AI-generated images.

17 January 2023

CNIL fines mobile game publisher in latest tracking case

France’s privacy regulator has fined Voodoo €3 million for processing user browsing habits without collecting consent – the latest in an ongoing series of tracker-related actions by the regulator.

17 January 2023

ECJ to hear questions on impact of GDPR on debt collection

A Polish court has asked the ECJ whether processing principles under the GDPR could prevent the sale of databases containing non-consenting individuals’ personal data in debt collection proceedings.

16 January 2023

PIPL does not block discovery, US federal court rules

A Manhattan procedural judge has ordered a crypto organisation to disclose data held in China to class action plaintiffs, adding to a growing number of cases in which companies have had to risk data protection enforcement in order to comply with US discovery.

16 January 2023

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