Topic: Coronavirus

Czech supreme court finds covid app illegally processed data

The Czech Supreme Court has ruled that the country’s covid vaccination certificate app violated the GDPR, following a judgment from the European Court of Justice.

08 December 2023

Court reduces Belgian DPA’s penalties

A Belgian appeals court has reduced fines issued against two airports, and annulled a related penalty due to the regulator’s “inadequate” reasoning.

09 January 2023

European Parliament sanctioned over covid data international transfers

The European Data Protection Supervisor has said the European Parliament breached Schrems II principles by allowing staff and MEP data to be transferred to the US.

11 January 2022

Italian decree weakens data protection authority, but changes may not last

The Italian government has issued a decree limiting the scope of the country’s privacy watchdog as part of its covid-19 efforts – but one expert observer said the changes will likely not receive parliamentary approval.

12 October 2021

FTC votes to regulate healthcare apps

The US Federal Trade Commission has voted down party lines to make it explicit that health apps wearables are subject to the Health Breach Notification Rule – with the two Republicans objecting on the grounds that the move skirts an ongoing review of the regulation started last year.

16 September 2021

Can big data help detect biological weapons?

The US Department of Homeland Security is building a system that would help law enforcers use data analytics to detect biological weapons – but internal reports suggest that the equipment may not work as planned.

28 July 2021

Unpacking a year of covid implications

FTI Consulting technology segment experts outline the data challenges companies faced during the coronavirus outbreak, and how they will continue to navigate them in the months and years to come.

11 June 2021

Italy suspends covid-19 app

Italy’s privacy watchdog has temporarily blocked a platform that monitors individuals’ covid-19 status.

07 June 2021

Contact-tracing breach victims sue Pennsylvania health department

The government department and contractor managing Pennsylvania’s covid-19 contact-tracing programme have been sued after disclosing a data breach that exposed around 70,000 residents’ sensitive information.

07 May 2021

Google sued over contact-tracing programme

Two Californians have initiated a class action lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of building a covid-19 contact-tracing system that leaves consumer data publicly exposed.

28 April 2021

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