Topic: Data localisation

Congress proposes international transfer limitations: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 20 June 2023

Senators and Representatives seek to restrict the transfer of Americans’ sensitive data abroad; Warner Bros. privacy lead joins Proskauer Rose; and Congress proposes stripping generative AI of some of its section 230 immunity.

20 June 2023

Microsoft to roll out EU data localisation in the new year

Microsoft will start a phased rollout of its ‘EU Data Boundary’ from 1 January to public sector and commercial customers.

15 December 2022

Industry launches renewed attack on proposed EU cloud rules

A consortium of industry bodies has urged EU authorities to reconsider new rules for the procurement of cloud services, warning that the measures could conflict with international agreements and Brussels’ own rules.

01 December 2022

Indian telecoms bill brings new data localisation concerns

The Indian government has presented a draft Telecommunications Bill for consultation, with possible widespread consequences for both traditional and internet-based communication service providers operating in the country.

26 September 2022

Vietnam passes new data localisation rules

Vietnam has introduced new guidance for its cybersecurity law, bringing into force extensive new data localisation measures.

22 August 2022

Sanctions breed uncertainty for data

With new waves of sanctions coming thick and fast from Western governments, data and cloud providers are working under the fog of war.

08 March 2022

Tech companies fear India’s data framework could harm business

International associations representing major global tech companies have expressed concerns over provisions in India’s draft data protection law relating to data localisation and the inclusion of non-personal data, citing concerns that these could hinder innovation and foreign investment.

03 March 2022

German lawsuit takes on the CLOUD Act

A court battle is underway in the German state of Hesse to determine the legality of the Cookiebot service, after the most recent appeal saw an emergency injunction against its use annulled.

09 February 2022

New Data Act would extend GDPR to non-personal data

Many of the protections applied to personal data under the GDPR will soon be expanded to non-personal data in a landmark legislative proposal put forward by the European Commission.

04 February 2022

Latest BIPA action targets AWS

Amazon Web Services faces a class action lawsuit in its capacity as a cloud provider, with plaintiffs alleging it breached the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by storing facial scans on behalf of a video game company.

01 November 2021

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