Topic: Data privacy

TikTok latest big tech target for Hungary’s competition authority

Hungary’s competition watchdog has agreed TikTok’s commitments to reform its communications to users, having said the lack of clarity over the company’s data management practices constituted unfair commercial practices.

01 December 2023

Judge halts Montana’s TikTok ban

A federal judge has found that Montana’s TikTok ban infringes free speech rights.

01 December 2023

Anthropic’s venue request: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 1 December 2023

AI company Anthropic argues it should face a generative AI lawsuit in a different location; plaintiffs want a second shot at their claims Twitter deceptively obtained their phone number for targeted advertising; and a Cooley partner takes her defence of Midjourney AI litigation to her new firm.

01 December 2023

UK data bills progress through Parliament – but no AI regime in sight

As two key digital initiatives return to Parliament, stakeholders and policymakers are expressing concern the government is pressing ahead without creating a full AI regulatory regime.

01 December 2023

Meta’s ad practice subject to consumer protection complaint

European consumer organisations have challenged Meta for its new ‘pay or OK’ model for targeted advertising.

30 November 2023

Meta again attempts to block FTC enforcement

Meta has opened a second front in its bid to stop the Federal Trade Commission from altering its $5 billion Cambridge Analytica settlement with the company by arguing that the agency’s structure violates the US Constitution.

30 November 2023

NGO calls for German federal commissioner to be kept in office

A prominent German NGO has urged the country’s federal government to appoint federal data protection chief Ulrich Kelber in office for another term amid speculation that he may be replaced.

30 November 2023

UK data protection bill progresses to House of Lords

The UK’s new data protection bill has advanced to its next stage of consideration, despite attempts by the opposition Labour Party to gain more time to consider a stack of recently-filed amendments.

29 November 2023

TikTok: EDPB binding decision process breaches EU law

TikTok has challenged the compatibility of the European Data Protection Board dispute resolution mechanism with EU fundamental rights.

28 November 2023

Meta bid to block FTC enforcement shift fails

A federal judge has said he lacks authority to stop the Federal Trade Commission from altering its $5 billion Meta settlement.

28 November 2023

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