Topic: Data scraping

ICO fights Clearview loss

The UK data regulator will challenge a tribunal’s decision to overturn its Clearview GDPR enforcement.

17 November 2023

Colorado establishes first life insurance AI rules

A Colorado regulation is setting legal standards for how life insurance providers harness personal data and algorithms during their policy decision-making.

13 November 2023

Stability AI seeks to edit down Getty UK case

The operator of the Stable Diffusion image generator has said the UK is the wrong forum for a lawsuit alleging it scraped and used millions of Getty’s images without permission.

31 October 2023

AI-based recruitment platform sues competitors over data scraping

Recruitment platform Jobiak, which uses AI technology for job searches, has claimed that a competitor “maliciously” scraped its database and used the contents for commercial purposes.

19 October 2023

TikTok fails to shake non-user privacy suit

A California judge has upheld the majority of a class action against TikTok over its alleged collection of non-user data on third-party websites.

12 October 2023

Sanctions sought in Meta case: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 6 October 2023

Plaintiffs attorneys filed a motion for sanctions claiming Meta hasn’t followed the court’s discovery order; and Cooley and Covington & Burling are tapped to represent OpenAI and Microsoft in its class action battle over data misuse claims.

06 October 2023

Meta attacks Sarah Silverman lawsuit

Meta has sought to dismiss the bulk of a book authors’ class action targeting its LLaMA large language model.

19 September 2023

Meta faces another AI copyright class action

Authors including Pulitzer winner Michael Chabon have accused Meta of illegally feeding their published works into its large language model – the latest in a slew of litigation filed against major AI operators.

13 September 2023

OpenAI hit with another US privacy challenge

ChatGPT’s developer is once again being accused of disregarding privacy laws and harvesting personal data without obtaining informed user consent to develop its AI products.

07 September 2023

UK lawmakers push back on AI training copyright exemption

A parliamentary committee has urged the UK government to reverse plans to allow companies to mine copyrighted work for text and data in order to train AI models.

01 September 2023

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