Topic: Disputes

Meta faces German claims over data leak

Thousands of German citizens have sued Meta over a 2021 Facebook data leak – leading to one court issuing a ruling that appears to contradict an Irish Data Protection Commission fine.

20 July 2023

Noom web tracking class action dismissed

A federal court has dismissed a class action suit against Noom, finding the plaintiff did not specify what private personal information was shared.

19 July 2023

Delo urges review of ICO decision

A businessman has fought a High Court ruling that upheld the Information Commissioner’s Office refusal to systematically determine whether GDPR breaches have taken place when it receives complaints.

18 July 2023

US cybersecurity implementation plan revealed: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 17 July 2023

Google faces claims it used personal data to train its software without consumers’ permission; the White House announces new national cybersecurity strategy; and Baker McKenzie loses and gains partners.

17 July 2023

New era of VPPA lawsuits targets Meta Pixel users

Plaintiff lawyers are using the Video Privacy Protection Act to target Meta’s Pixel tracking technology and its corporate clients.

17 July 2023

Porn and other industries challenge state age verification laws

An adult online entertainment trade group has asked the courts to overturn various states’ age verification laws, making it the latest to fight back against mandatory verification on privacy grounds.

13 July 2023

Irish court orders non-material damages

A ready meal manufacturer has been ordered to pay an employee €2,000 for using CCTV footage in a way that caused loss “beyond mere upset”.

12 July 2023

Data brokers and online companies targeted by right of publicity laws

The US plaintiff bar is attempting to stretch states' right of publicity laws into data privacy class actions.

12 July 2023

Amazon challenges DSA designation

Amazon has become the first Big Tech company to fight its position under the new Digital Services Act in the EU’s General Court.

11 July 2023

Prismall appeals Google/DeepMind loss

Andrew Prismall is seeking to appeal against a High Court judgment that dismissed the last surviving post-Lloyd v Google class action.

11 July 2023

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