Topic: Extraterritoriality

ICO fights Clearview loss

The UK data regulator will challenge a tribunal’s decision to overturn its Clearview GDPR enforcement.

17 November 2023

UK Clearview decision overturned

A tribunal has found that the UK data regulator had no jurisdiction over Clearview AI.

17 October 2023

Regulators clash on FATCA

Germany’s federal data protection authority has found that the transfer of data from the EU for US tax law purposes complies with the GDPR, contradicting a decisions by at least two other EU regulators.

06 September 2023

Russian taxi app faces data transfer ban

The Finnish and Norwegian data regulators have issued an order blocking a Russian-owned taxi service app from transferring data back to the country, voicing concerns about a new Russian law that could provide its national security forces with access to the app’s data.

08 August 2023

Clearview loses extraterritoriality appeal

An Australian court has found that Clearview AI breached privacy law despite having no presence in the country, in a ruling that clarified Australian privacy law’s territorial scope and its application to companies that scrape huge amounts of public personal data.

10 May 2023

Top Australian court allows Facebook case to proceed

Australia’s High Court has revoked Facebook’s leave to appeal against enforcement linked to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, following changes in laws relevant to overseas services.

07 March 2023

“The truth is on the pitch”: German regulators on EDPB US adequacy opinion

German regulators have expressed broad support for the European Data Protection Board’s position on the EU-US draft adequacy decision, but concerns remain over how it will be implemented in practice.

02 March 2023

Meta to shift UK users to US terms

The UK data regulator is assessing Meta’s decision to migrate UK users from its Irish subsidiary to its US parent.

27 February 2023

Winter break 2022 round-up

2022 was yet another busy year for data protection, and even as GDR took a brief break from its usual programming over the Christmas period there were still developments worth noting. We’ve rounded up the most important stories from the end of the year, from fines to class action arguments to new jobs for those at the top of the privacy world.

03 January 2023

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