Topic: Legitimate interest

ECJ adviser says automated credit scoring is profiling

A European Court of Justice adviser has said in two separate opinions that automated loan scoring constitutes profiling under the GDPR, regulators’ decisions are subject to judicial review, and limits apply to the retention of data from public registers by credit agencies.

16 March 2023

New UK data bill only the end of the beginning

The latest edition of the UK’s new data protection bill may have been long-awaited, but it remains only the start of a process which is still open to further amendments and future expansion of the law’s scope.

13 March 2023

UK data bill addresses adtech industry concerns

The UK Data and Marketing Association has welcomed clarifications provided by the new UK data bill, but expressed some concern over the extent of exemptions proposed.

10 March 2023

UK data reform legislation returns – again

Initial reactions suggest businesses will broadly welcome the latest draft overhaul of the UK’s data protection framework, but concerns remain over how the EU will respond.

08 March 2023

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