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Austrian credit scoring decision could lead to future damages, says noyb

The Austrian regulator has found that credit scoring company CRIF unlawfully collected and processed data from a direct marketing company, a move which complainant noyb has identified as a test case for millions of Austrians.

28 March 2023

German parties face unlawful political advertising accusations

Noyb has accused six German political parties of violating the GDPR by targeting voters through Facebook adverts without an appropriate legal basis.

21 March 2023

Special Report: Civil society drives the GDPR

Activists are turning to litigation to force policy change. GDR tracks how NGO-led litigation is shifting the regulatory agenda and pushed the boundaries of European data protection law.

17 March 2023

Noyb launches cookie identification complaint project

The Vienna-based NGO has filed a series of complaints against websites and data brokers that it claims inadequately responded to access requests that identified individuals based on cookies placed on the individuals’ devices.

28 February 2023

German constitutional court restricts police data processing

The use of Palantir-provided data analysis software by police forces in Hessen and Hamburg has been found to breach Germany’s constitution.

16 February 2023

Credit broker told to delete unlawfully collected data

The Austrian data regulator has told a credit broker to delete personal data it unlawfully collected from individuals who filed access requests with the company.

13 February 2023

Data Changemakers: Baroness Kidron

5Rights founder Baroness Kidron says she will consider litigation if upcoming laws need further interpretation.

10 February 2023

Activists and DPC clash over European Commission monitoring plans

The Irish data regulator has contested activists’ claims that the European Commission will increase its monitoring of large privacy investigations over concerns the watchdog has inadequately enforced the GDPR.

03 February 2023

Reynders leans on data retention rulings to support EU-US adequacy

The European Commission is using ECJ data retention case law as an argument against concerns that the draft adequacy agreement with the US does nothing to change the surveillance practices of US law enforcement.

31 January 2023

Ireland and EDPB clash again over WhatsApp investigation

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner has threatened more court action against the EDPB, after the European body again ordered the data watchdog to launch a further investigation into WhatsApp following a €5.5 million penalty.

19 January 2023

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