Topic: Subject access request

Noyb launches cookie identification complaint project

The Vienna-based NGO has filed a series of complaints against websites and data brokers that it claims inadequately responded to access requests that identified individuals based on cookies placed on the individuals’ devices.

28 February 2023

Belgian court overturns regulator’s decision in employment dispute

A Belgian appeals court has struck down a fine issued by the data regulator against a company director who processed an ex-employee’s data in a legal dispute against him.

20 February 2023

Credit broker told to delete unlawfully collected data

The Austrian data regulator has told a credit broker to delete personal data it unlawfully collected from individuals who filed access requests with the company.

13 February 2023

Finnish court sends questions about oral disclosure of data to ECJ

A Finnish court has referred questions on the scope of processing in the context of oral disclosures of data and the possibility of harmonising the right of access.

17 January 2023

Another ICO SAR decision appeal fails

A claimant’s case against the UK data regulator’s decisions on two subject access request complaints has failed, confirming the limits of the scope of section 166.

13 January 2023

Debt collector earns Finland’s biggest GDPR fine

Finland’s regulator has imposed its largest-ever data protection fine on a debt collection company that repeatedly failed to engage with its investigation.

13 January 2023

ECJ confirms broad scope of access rights

The European Court of Justice has confirmed controllers must reveal the specific recipients of any data they shared in their responses to access requests, unless it is impossible or excessive to do so.

12 January 2023

ECJ does not resolve GDPR clash between courts and regulators

The EU’s highest court has said member states must ensure that potentially contradictory civil and data protection authority decisions do not water down individuals’ rights.

12 January 2023

ECJ advisers clarify scope of access rights

ECJ advisers have said in separate cases that subject access rights mostly do not entitle individuals to obtain copies of documents containing personal data, and that individuals can request information about processing that occurred before the GDPR came into effect.

15 December 2022

Danish regulator criticises law firm

Denmark’s privacy regulator has criticised law firm Bech-Bruun’s handling of information access relevant to an ongoing legal investigation, but found its processing lawful overall.

09 December 2022

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