Topic: Surveillance

New York spyware seller fined

New York’s attorney general has fined a spyware producer $410,000 and ordered it to carry out a series of remedial measures.

06 February 2023

Luxembourg set to reform retention law

Draft Luxembourg legislation is designed to adapt the country’s mass data retention framework to recent European Court of Justice rulings.

31 January 2023

MEPs propose spyware moratorium

The European Parliament committee investigating the use of spyware has called for a moratorium on the use of the technology until a firmer regulatory and supervisory regime can be established.

24 January 2023

Web analytics tools under siege in Pennsylvania and California courts

Recent decisions in the Ninth and Third Circuit have opened a floodgate of data privacy class actions alleging that companies’ tracking cookies illegally wiretapped consumers’ communications.

19 January 2023

NSO fails to block WhatsApp spyware suit

The US Supreme Court has rejected NSO Group’s petition to dismiss a lawsuit by WhatsApp which claims it spied on platform users.

10 January 2023

NSO group under further UK pressure

A London-based Bahraini activist has initiated legal action against the NSO Group and the Bahraini government over spyware allegations – becoming at least the fifth individual to threaten litigation against the company in the UK.

07 December 2022

Data Changemakers: Evelyn Austin

Netherlands-based Bits of Freedom director Evelyn Austin says policy development should move towards “public-private-civic” partnerships, and that litigation efforts might be needed to remove some of the barriers faced by civil society working on mitigating the harms caused by large platforms.

02 December 2022

Saudi Arabia and NSO to face another spyware challenge in UK

A British-Jordanian journalist has launched another legal challenge against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the company behind the Pegasus spyware, joining three other individuals bringing similar claims in the UK.

23 November 2022

Member states slammed in EU lawmakers’ spyware report

The European Parliament committee investigating the use of spyware has called for a moratorium on the use of the technology until new standards can be implemented and investigations into its use concluded.

08 November 2022

Dutch telecoms operator fined over wiretapping risks

The Netherlands’ telecommunications regulator has issued a €450,000 penalty against one of the country’s major providers for failing to put in place necessary measures to prevent unauthorised access to wiretapping data.

01 September 2022

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