Topic: Surveillance

TikTok and other US online bans could create additional risk

Attempts to block access to TikTok and other online services pose significant corporate and consumer challenges that may heighten data privacy and cybersecurity risks.

26 May 2023

US lawsuit claims Twitter helped Saudi Arabia silence critics

Twitter is facing a federal racketeering lawsuit, alleging the company illegally allowed employees to share personal user data with Saudi officials who used it to identify and target alleged political dissidents.

17 May 2023

Full ECJ hears clashing views on IP data retention

In the first privacy case heard by the European Court of Justice’s full court, EU governments have asked judges to approve the collection of IP address data to protect intellectual property rights despite civil society claimants arguing the practice constitutes illegal mass surveillance.

16 May 2023

European Commission faces further fire from spyware committee

Two MEPs leading a report into member states’ use of spyware have redoubled their criticism of the European institutions, alleging a chronic lack of action in addressing the abuse of Pegasus and similar technologies.

09 May 2023

Estée Lauder’s privacy class action: US Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert 24 April 2023

Estée Lauder was slammed with a $5 million privacy class action; cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussmann lands at Fenwick after being found not guilty of lying to the FBI; and a technology lawyer is elevated to one of his firm’s top leadership positions.

24 April 2023

US House considers how to regulate the data broker industry

Online tracking of users by adtech companies and the prospect of the government gaining warrantless access to information on US citizens were key concerns of lawmakers as they grappled with oversight of the market in personal data.

20 April 2023

Adequacy proposal faces further fire from MEPs

A European Parliament committee has voted to reject the draft adequacy agreement between the EU and US, saying changes made by President Biden’s executive order don’t go far enough to address the issues in Schrems II.

13 April 2023

Tesla sued over employee sharing of private car footage

A class action lawsuit claims Tesla employees violated customer privacy by accessing and sharing footage collected from vehicle cameras.

11 April 2023

Special Report: Civil society drives the GDPR

Activists are turning to litigation to force policy change. GDR tracks how NGO-led litigation is shifting the regulatory agenda and pushed the boundaries of European data protection law.

17 March 2023

NSO: Apple lawsuit belongs in Israel

The company behind the Pegasus spyware has said Apple’s litigation against it should not continue in the US courts, and that in any event the iPhone manufacturer’s CFAA lawsuit is doomed to fail.

14 March 2023

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