Topic: Surveillance

LabMD suing US federal government over Tiversa hacking scandal

Armed with an Eleventh Circuit decision in his favour, LabMD owner Michael Daugherty continues to go after the US Federal Trade Commission for allegedly colluding with a hacker in an ill-conceived enforcement action – one that ultimately ruined his cancer-detection business.

21 January 2022

Data privacy claims against Facebook survive early stage of antitrust lawsuit

A US federal court has ruled that it was plausible that consumers suffered an antitrust injury due to Facebook’s alleged data privacy violations.

18 January 2022

ECHR orders Bulgaria surveillance reform

Bulgaria must change its interception framework following a European Court of Human Rights ruling.

12 January 2022

US judge denies BrandTotal’s bid to delay discovery

Cost and the potential for bankruptcy are not justifiable reasons to relieve analytics firm BrandTotal of its discovery obligations in a dispute with Facebook, a US judge has ruled.

11 January 2022

Antitrust meets biometric privacy in $31 billion Meta lawsuit

Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition system, but plaintiffs in Alabama say the company has already unjustly enriched itself by harvesting biometric data from children without their permission.

05 January 2022

FTC releases more redacted Facebook privacy audit records

The US Federal Trade Commission has released the remainder of an independent audit of Facebook’s privacy programme, but the heavily redacted report continues to reveal little about purported improvements made by the company since the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

04 January 2022

Spyware vendor and executives targeted

A human rights activist claims that spyware vendor DarkMatter Group accessed private material that led to prosecution in her native Saudi Arabia.

10 December 2021

Microsoft obtains court order to seize hacking sites

A US federal court has granted Microsoft’s request to seize websites purportedly used by the China-based hacking group Nickel.

07 December 2021

FBI document disproves need encryption backdoor, NGO says

A recently published internal FBI document detailing the bureau’s collection of messaging metadata shows that law enforcers have ample investigatory tools and don’t need a backdoor to encrypted platforms, activists have said.

06 December 2021

Facebook disputes research about how it uses children’s data

Recent research claims Facebook is failing to live up to promises that it would restrict the use of children’s data for targeted advertising, but the social media giant says the research is inaccurate.

19 November 2021

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