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Data, the new blood: Unlocking commercial data’s potential and opening new avenues

Data is valuable both to individuals it relates to and society as a whole. What would it take for people to give their data away for free? In the first article of a three-part series, GDR investigates the arguments in favour of data donation.

03 August 2020

Data issues highlighted during Big Tech antitrust hearing

The GDPR, adtech, surveillance and third-party sellers were among the data-related topics discussed during a US congressional antitrust hearing that featured chief executives from Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

30 July 2020

Google offers Fitbit remedies

Google has promised the European Commission that it will not use Fitbit’s user data to strengthen its advertising business, as it tries to convince the authority to clear its $2.1 billion acquisition of the fitness-tracking company.

15 July 2020

Localisation drives Indian data centre investment

Private equity firm The Carlyle Group has bought a US$235 million stake in Indian company Nxtra Data amid a data localisation-driven uptick in demand for secure data storage.

06 July 2020

New York stops investigation as Zoom beefs up data security

On the same day Zoom announced its acquisition of an end-to-end encryption platform, New York’s attorney general said she reached an agreement with the chat platform that required the company to improve its data privacy and security policies.

11 May 2020

New Brazilian blockchain platform promises easier path to foreign bank entry

Brazil’s central bank has launched a data-sharing blockchain platform, in a move that has been touted to facilitate foreign banks setting up shop in the country.

23 April 2020

Trump blocks Chinese acquisition of US tech start-up

Citing data privacy and national security concerns, US President Donald Trump has blocked a Chinese company from acquiring a US tech startup and accessing its data – a decision the companies say they disagree with, but nevertheless will abide by.

20 March 2020

Direct link between data maturity and profit, study finds

Businesses with more mature data strategies see a large boost in profit as a result of increased revenue, improved efficiency and better customer retention, a study by data analytics company Splunk has found.

20 March 2020

Facebook attacks data antitrust litigation

Facebook is seeking to shut down a lawsuit that has challenged its data access policies.

18 March 2020

US health department wants more airlift data to track coronavirus

The US Department of Health & Human Services wants commercial airlines to fork over passenger data in an attempt to track people potentially exposed to the coronavirus – but some airlines say they don’t have the capacity to collect and provide the information.

10 March 2020

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