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CNIL slashes Criteo fine by a third

In a decision that may create new audit requirements for French adtech companies, the regulator today fined Criteo €40 million for carrying out targeted advertisement without users’ consent – significantly less than the €60 million fine it proposed imposing in August 2022.

22 June 2023

Doctissimo faces €380,000 fine

The French regulator has fined health and wellbeing website Doctissimo €380,000 for having excessive data retention, failing to obtain individuals’ consent to the collection and use of their health data, and for unlawfully placing cookies on users’ devices.

17 May 2023

EU cloud banks on compliance needs

Native European cloud companies have always struggled to compete against the American hyperscalers, but as the tech sector faces an uphill 2023, cloud providers across the EU are looking to leverage regulatory needs as a competitive advantage.

24 February 2023

EDPB report bemoans state of EU public cloud procurement

The EDPB has named a lack of bargaining power on the part of public authorities as one of the factors pushing those bodies towards unfavourable and possibly illegal cloud service solutions.

23 January 2023

German regulator restricts e-prescription rules

The German state of Schleswig-Holstein’s data authority has told a doctors trade organisation that the GDPR prohibits them from issuing prescriptions digitally.

23 August 2022

Rare Marriott class certification involved novel damages theory

The recent certification of a class pursuing Marriott and Accenture over a high-profile data breach has potentially cleared a path to demonstrating concrete damages caused by a cyberattack.

10 May 2022

Privacy by Design and Data Minimisation

Featured in The Guide to Data as a Critical Asset - Edition 1

'Privacy by design' advocates for privacy when designing technologies, products and management systems and encourages a holistic view using privacy-enhancing technologies and integrating privacy considerations into organisational policies, practices and procedures.

08 April 2022

IRS facial recognition plan collected data on 7 million Americans, lawmaker says

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has scuttled plans to use facial recognition technology, but the chair of a congressional oversight committee has questioned what will happen to the roughly 7 million Americans who already gave the taxman their biometrics.

14 February 2022

LabMD suing US federal government over Tiversa hacking scandal

Armed with an Eleventh Circuit decision in his favour, LabMD owner Michael Daugherty continues to go after the US Federal Trade Commission for allegedly colluding with a hacker in an ill-conceived enforcement action – one that ultimately ruined his cancer-detection business.

21 January 2022

Arizona bill would ban taxpayer-funded ransomware payments

Cybersecurity experts say an Arizona proposal to ban publicly funded ransomware payments is a step in the right direction, but needs to be coupled with IT upgrades for public agencies.

13 January 2022

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