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hiQ case against LinkedIn narrowed ahead of trial

A San Francisco federal judge has entered summary judgment on multiple grounds against hiQ as part of a long-running scraping dispute with LinkedIn.

07 November 2022

Sports data and betting companies settle litigation during trial

Sportradar has settled antitrust claims against three sports data and betting companies, bringing an end to a trial that started last week.

12 October 2022

CMA raised concerns about football data deal

The UK’s competition watchdog previously expressed concerns when the sole provider of official live data for several UK football leagues chose to grant exclusive access to certain datasets to a single provider, a tribunal has heard.

04 October 2022

US judge criticises GDPR-imposed redactions

A procedural judge in a major US patent litigation forum has slammed Continental’s excessive redaction of disclosed documents, despite the company’s argument that the redaction was necessary under the GDPR.

03 August 2022

UK to change copyright law to boost AI innovation

The UK government has announced a new exception to copyright law around data mining which will allow for the technique to be used “for any purpose”, as long as the material has been lawfully accessed – a change it said will benefit the country’s AI strategy.

29 June 2022

Litigation funders increasingly attracted to trade secrets cases

If litigation financiers take last week’s news of a $2 billion jury verdict in a trade secrets case the same way that they have viewed $2 billion patent verdicts in the past, it could lead to a rush of financing marketing aimed at trade secret owners.

20 May 2022

Copyright and data sharing biggest challenges to AI development, experts say

AI developers need to better understand not only how to access training data, but also the extent to which it can be shared with other organisations, a GDR conference has heard.

11 May 2022

HiQ scores another scraping victory against LinkedIn

Bolstered by the Supreme Court’s Van Buren ruling, a US federal appeals court has again ruled that LinkedIn cannot use the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to stop hiQ Labs from scraping its public user data – but hinted that other legal routes could still be available to LinkedIn.

19 April 2022

UK tribunal deals with overlapping issues in parallel sports data litigation

Mr Justice Marcus Smith will ‘read across’ conclusions on market definition in a Competition Appeal Tribunal claim to related High Court litigation, as part of a battle between companies that provide sports data to the betting industry.

17 February 2022

Data monetisation drives Sanofi investment in Owkin

Sanofi’s $180 million investment in AI biotech Owkin is the latest of several recent developments suggesting that barriers to the vast commercial potential of healthcare data are about to be torn down.

03 December 2021

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