Work Area: Transactions

Direct link between data maturity and profit, study finds

Businesses with more mature data strategies see a large boost in profit as a result of increased revenue, improved efficiency and better customer retention, a study by data analytics company Splunk has found.

20 March 2020

Facebook attacks data antitrust litigation

Facebook is seeking to shut down a lawsuit that has challenged its data access policies.

18 March 2020

US health department wants more airlift data to track coronavirus

The US Department of Health & Human Services wants commercial airlines to fork over passenger data in an attempt to track people potentially exposed to the coronavirus – but some airlines say they don’t have the capacity to collect and provide the information.

10 March 2020

How mixing datasets could revolutionise the adtech industry

Washington, DC start-up UBDI is pairing big data with consumer-generated surveys in an attempt to innovate the targeted advertising industry and allow people to generate revenue from their own information. GDR interviewed UBDI chief executive Dana Budzyn and chief revenue officer Mark Kilaghbian about their company and how it could change the adtech space.

06 March 2020

Data deals roundup: finance, risk, cybersecurity and e-commerce

As data becomes an increasingly important aspect of dealmaking, GDR brings a roundup of data deals from the last month, as well as acquisitions in the data advisory market.

06 March 2020

IT outsourcer caught out after data acquisition

A Danish outsourcer has fallen foul of the country’s data regulator after it failed to secure personal information it acquired as part of a merger.

02 March 2020

Australian regulator probes Google/Fitbit

Australia’s competition authority has launched an informal investigation into Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, on the same day that the authority’s head spoke about the difficulties in assessing mergers in the digital sector.

28 February 2020

How a Nasdaq unit prices its data assets

Nasdaq’s head of alternative data tells GDR how the exchange’s subsidiary Quandl adds value to investment decision-makers – and how the company assesses the value of the information it sells.

24 February 2020

EU could demand review of AIs before market entry

The European Commission’s new AI regulatory framework could lead to forced inspection of  AIs’ datasets and algorithms before they can operate in Europe.

19 February 2020

EU considers forced data sharing

The European Commission may boost compulsory corporate data sharing, in a move aimed to encourage the use and re-use of data across the bloc.

19 February 2020

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