Global Data Review

Analysing the evolving law on trading, protecting and monetising data

Data has value, but the law and regulation surrounding its use and transfer is in constant flux. Global Data Review will provide the need-to-know news and analysis for lawyers working in the digital economy, helping companies monetise, trade and protect their data as well as comply with the law.

Covering the spectrum of data practice from IP, privacy, cybersecurity, e-commerce, M&A and IT,

Global Data Review is the only publication which reports on and analyses this fast-moving area of law and coalesces it into one focused, comprehensive information source.

Launching September 2018, Global Data Review, is the latest title from the publishers of Global Investigations Review, Global Competition Review and Global Arbitration Review.

Global Data Review
will help you -

Global Data Review anchors a rapidly-developing field of law with one information source and community touchpoint, with coverage from across the spectrum of data protection, cybersecurity, IP, IT and TMT.

Global Data Review informs risk assessment by keeping you up-to-date with news on countries enforcing more actively and trend-setting cases that create new risk of follow-on litigation.

Global Data Review tracks major matters, including identifying which firms worked on them, enabling you to measure success and failure across the global marketplace for data-related work.

Global Data Review tracks and ranks key players in the field, enabling you to put together the right cross-border, cross-specialty team for the matter in hand, or spot the right up-and-coming talent to give you the edge.

Global Data Review's cross-border coverage and reference tools enable you to identify enforcement differences across jurisdictions.

Global Data Review

Analysing the evolving law on trading, protecting and monetising data

Launching September 2018

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