Analytics provider accuses Facebook of monopolising user data

Analytics company BrandTotal is seeking a court order that would prevent Facebook from blocking it from the social media platform, as the two parties ramp up a data-scraping dispute that has similarities …

Denis survives CNIL leadership challenge

A French court has refused to strike down the appointment of Marie-Laure Denis as the head of France’s data regulator.

Facebook European dating service back on after initial stumble

Ireland’s data regulator approved Facebook’s new dating service, months after raiding the social media giant’s offices because of privacy concerns with the new offering.

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    Features: What covid-19 means for data lawyers in the long term; Privacy in a pandemic; The prospects and pitfalls of contact-tracing apps; The anatomy of a data strategy; Balancing privacy and analytic utility: Are your datasets really anonymous?; Locked screen

GDR - 2020.3 Magazine

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