Horse racing data providers clash again

A company that sells horse race-related data and footage to bookmakers has attacked a judgment that held it liable for unauthorised collection, use and sale of data from race courses.

Apple’s privacy credentials slammed in lawsuit

Apple and T-Mobile are facing a class action lawsuit over a design flaw that allegedly gave an iPhone user access to messages sent to another person.

Dutch NGOs seek compensation from Facebook

Two NGOs allege that Facebook illegally made huge sums from the misuse of Dutch citizens’ personal data.

GDR - 2020.2 Magazine

    Features: Keeping free data flows free; Dealing in data; Another facelift for FISA; The GDPR in numbers; EDPB: GDPR mostly a success; The ICO: an honest appraisal; Who do you trust with your data?; Access to data: expanding German competition law’s toolbox.

GDR - 2020.2 Magazine

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