GDR 2019.1 Magazine - Download now

GDR 2019.1 Magazine - Download now

GDR 2019.1 Magazine - Download now

Investor clashes with Akorn board after botched Fresenius tie-up

An investor has urged an Illinois federal court to disregard Akorn’s motion to dismiss their lawsuit, after a merger between the drugmaker and healthcare company Fresenius collapsed following revelations that the drugmaker misrepresented the state of its data.

EDPB releases GDPR certification guidance

The European Data Protection Board has released guidance on rules that allow organisations to certify their processes as GDPR-compliant.

UK lawmakers request Facebook antitrust probe

A UK parliamentary report has called upon the country’s antitrust watchdog to investigate Facebook, after concluding that the platform “knowingly” violated abuse of dominance rules by deciding which “businesses should succeed or fail”.


Crossing the river by feeling the stones

China has long disregarded international norms when it comes to governing its affairs. Its approach to data is no different.

Dealing with data in the internet of things

The IOT presents fresh challenges for lawyers and regulators alike.


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40 under 40 - 2018

GDR profiles the younger generation of data lawyers: names you need to know.


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2019.1 Magazine

Features: China's unique approach to data. Dealing with data in the internet of things. The implications of Brazil's new privacy framework. The UK ICO's new powers.

Interviews: Hong Kong and Ireland data officials.

Bar surveys: The data lawyers you need to know in Brazil and Singapore.


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