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In-House Survey - Read Now

In-House Survey - Read Now

AT&T co-defendant moves to dismiss geolocation lawsuit

A company accused alongside AT&T of illegally selling location data has sought dismissal of a group of California residents’ claims.

Russian watchdog targets Facebook and Google over political ads

Observers say Russian safe harbour provisions that normally protect companies from liability issues arising from hosted content may not apply to Google and Facebook’s alleged serving of political adverts during a campaigning ban.

FTC Facebook settlement attracts further objection

Another party has joined the Electronic Privacy Information Center in opposing the proposed $5 billion settlement agreement between the US Federal Trade Commission and Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.


Military nominee seems likely for Brazil data watchdog

Brazil’s strongman president Jair Bolsonaro has used his first year in office to stuff the government with military types. Observers fret the country’s first data protection agency awaits the same fate.

Who should be responsible for data breaches?

The US legal system rarely holds third-party IT and cybersecurity providers liable for data breaches, but experts say that could – and perhaps should – change in the near future.


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