First hint of UK-EU data divergence appears

The UK data protection authority has signed off on data transfers to a US financial regulator, but one European regulator has expressed doubts – in a sign that UK and EU interpretation …

Parler blames Amazon for data breach

Parler, the upstart social media app that has achieved notoriety in recent weeks as a platform for Trump supporters, has blamed Amazon for a massive hack that exposed its users’ personal data.

Data broker to pay $150 million over data sales

Epsilon Data Management will pay $150 million to settle criminal allegations that it sold customer data to scammers.

GDR - 2020.3 Magazine

    Features: What covid-19 means for data lawyers in the long term; Privacy in a pandemic; The prospects and pitfalls of contact-tracing apps; The anatomy of a data strategy; Balancing privacy and analytic utility: Are your datasets really anonymous?; Locked screen

GDR - 2020.3 Magazine

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