GDR - 2020.1 Magazine

GDR - 2020.1 Magazine

GDR - 2020.1 Magazine

The first GDR edition of 2020 leads with an in-depth look at the controversial GDPR one-stop shop system – and a look at whether the complex mechanism could be holding back enforcement of the headline EU data protection regime. 

Remaining on the GDPR, the binding corporate rules process that eases corporate data flows is a notoriously burdensome and time-consuming process. We spoke to the people within global data centre operator Equinix about how the company obtained clearance for its binding corporate rules – the first of their kind under the GDPR. Picking up on a hot topic, we also examine adtech, and the issues the data faces from multiple regulatory angles. 

Across the pond, everyone’s asking the same question: when, or indeed will, we see US federal-level overall privacy regulation? We set out the state of play. We also bring you exclusive interviews with Canada’s privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien, and Giuseppe Busia, a senior official at Italy’s data protection authority. 

Finally, as regulators appear to diverge on cookie regulation across the EU, experts from Covington & Burling analyse the controversy.


The glue that holds it all together

The GDPR was seen as the data regime that could finally hold big tech to account. But with relatively little action against those players thus far, patience is wearing thin. Could the controversial one-stop shop mechanism be to blame?

The inside story of the first GDPR BCR approval

GDR spoke with in-house counsel at data centre giant Equinix after it became the first company to have binding corporate rules approved since the GDPR’s inception.

Adtech's data problem

The operation of the adtech ecosystem is a burning issue in the world of privacy and data protection. Activists say its current set-up breaches privacy rights, while others argue that following the law to the letter would bankrupt publishers. Can the deadlock be broken?

Whither US federal privacy legislation?

A flurry of recent state and international activity has spurred Congress to double down on its efforts to pass a national data protection law, leaving some hopeful that 2020 may be the year that the US finally gets federal privacy legislation.

Cookie consent rules in the EU: where are we now?

Covington & Burling’s Mark YoungSam Jungyun Choi and Anna Sophia Oberschelp de Meneses examine the state of cookie consent rules across the EU – including national regulators’ diverging approaches. Boxouts by Alex Pugh

Interview: Daniel Therrien

Daniel Therrien, head of Canada’s data regulator, has found his office embroiled in some of the world’s most high-profile privacy cases – despite its relatively limited powers. Therrien spoke to GDR in October about Facebook, adequacy and his hopes for the country’s new data regime.

Interview: Giuseppe Busia

Giuseppe Busia, a senior official at Italy’s data watchdog, spoke to GDR in October about how antitrust and data protection regulators can work better together, harmonising transatlantic privacy standards, and Brexit.

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