Splunk revenue boost signals wider data growth

Data-focused technology provider Splunk has revealed significant revenue growth – signalling an increased desire by companies in many sectors to pursue data-driven business strategies.

05 March 2020

Clearview AI faces four regulators in Canada

A group of Canadian data regulators will jointly investigate controversial facial recognition provider Clearview AI.

24 February 2020

EU could demand review of AIs before market entry

The European Commission’s new AI regulatory framework could lead to forced inspection of  AIs’ datasets and algorithms before they can operate in Europe.

19 February 2020

Ericsson pivots to data strategy for network maintenance

Telecommunications giant Ericsson has launched a series of predictive maintenance products that take advantage of its large datasets – and set out its ambition to be a “data-driven” service provider.

19 February 2020

US Customs upgrading to non-biased facial recognition tech

The US Customs and Border Patrol is upgrading its facial recognition technology, and will soon start using an algorithm that has been found to exhibit no racial or ethnic biases, a senior official has said.

10 February 2020

Washington Privacy Act’s facial recognition rules draw criticism

Washington’s legislature has voted down an amendment to the state’s privacy bill that would have removed all provisions regulating the commercial use of facial recognition technology.

07 February 2020

CCPA could slow healthcare data sharing, industry execs warn

The California Consumer Privacy Act could reduce access to healthcare data used for research and artificial intelligence, according to industry insiders.

06 February 2020

European Parliament to launch AI and digital affairs committee

A Member of European Parliament has said that for the first time the parliament will have a special committee on digital affairs and artificial intelligence.

24 January 2020

Europe should lead the way on AI, EDPS official says

An official at the EU’s data protection watchdog has said the bloc cannot afford to wait for a global consensus on AI.

23 January 2020

Microsoft official calls for facial recognition transparency

Developers of facial recognition technology should be required to make their products available to third party testers and document its limitations, a Microsoft official has said.

23 January 2020

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