France limits data analysis of judges’ decisions

French lawmakers have introduced legislation which bans the inclusion of judges’ names in statistical analysis of court decisions, prompting concern about restrictions on data-driven businesses.

07 June 2019

DLA Piper launches AI practice

DLA Piper has created a dedicated artificial intelligence practice that will be led by five partners across the US, Canada and the UK.

16 May 2019

Berlin Group emphasises importance of data protection in AI and location tracking

An international grouping of data protection authorities and privacy organisations has made a series of recommendations to providers and developers of AI and location tracking systems, as well as the organisations implementing the systems.

10 May 2019

Kenyan antitrust head: AI could be catastrophic for Africa

The proliferation of anticompetitive algorithms could have potentially “catastrophic” effects for Africa, the head of Kenya’s antitrust enforcer has warned.

27 March 2019

Illinois no harm ruling cited in Facebook US$30 billion class action

Following recent interpretations of Illinois law, plaintiffs who are suing Facebook for non-consensual use of their biometric data have insisted that no concrete harm is required for the court to back them.

21 February 2019

Guadeloupe university must disclose admissions algorithms, court orders

A Guadeloupe court has ordered the president of the University of the French West Indies to release details of the algorithmic processes used by the school to process applications from prospective students.

21 February 2019

Facebook underlines human role in AI development

A senior Facebook privacy official has emphasised the role of humans in developing accurate and ethical artificial intelligence technology.

31 January 2019

EU mulls AI regulation

The European Commission is to consider approaches to regulating artificial intelligence in a report due to be published in mid-2019.

30 January 2019

European Patent Office offers guidance on AI inventions

The European Patent Office has for the first time released guidance which includes details of how to patent inventions created through artificial intelligence.

02 November 2018

Trade secrets better suited to AI inventions than patents, experts say

Rapidly changing technology, difficulties in detecting patent infringement, and finding a point of novelty associated with an AI invention make using patent protection difficult, AI IP experts have said.

31 October 2018

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